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RemitBee has become my trusted companion for sending money to Guatemala. It's like they truly understand my needs!
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Sending money to Guatemala with RemitBee was a game-changer! They made it so simple and worry-free, I'm impressed!
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I can't thank RemitBee enough for their amazing service. Sending money to my family in Guatemala is now a joy!

Why use RemitBee for send money to Hong Kong from Canada


Founded by Immigrants

Remitbee is founded and operated by immigrants in Canada who know the value of a great remittance service to send money to Hong Kong online!


Best CAD to HKD rate

We have the best exchange rate for converting your Canadian dollar to Hong Kong Dollar Check our live rates now.


Fast and Easy Platform

Ready to remit to Hong Kong? Don’t waste time with lengthy processes. OUR platform is innovated to offer a fast, convenient and easy way to convert CAD to HKD.


Free money transfer to Hong Kong

We offer no fee money transfers! Remitbee is the best way to send money. Our bank to bank transfers are quick, secure and cheap.


Transparency for Customers

We are always transparent and, unlike the banks, we never have hidden fees or offer poor rates for profit when you transfer money online to Houn

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Best Way to Send money to Hong Kong

Through online Remitbee provides the best service to transfer money from Canada to Hong Kong within 1 or 2 business days.

Fast & Secure: Get your money to Turkey quickly and safely.

Competitive Rates: Save money on your transfer fees.

Multiple Payment Options: Choose the method that works best for you (E-transfer, debit card, ETF).

Free Transfers Over $500 CAD: Save even more on larger transfers.

Easy to Use: Accessible to all the customers

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How to send money to Hong Kong online?

Now, remit money to Hong Kong in 6 simple steps!


Sign Up to Use Remitbee

Signing up is always free. You can sign up using our website or download the app to start sending money.


Verify Your Identity

Security is everything at Remitbee, but so is efficiency! You can verify your identity quickly and easily to start sending your money in no time.


Add Your Recipient

Use Remitbee for an online money transfer to bank accounts in Hong Kong! Quick and convenient, you don’t even have to leave home.


Choose a Payment Method

You can load up your CAD balance for a free money transfer from your bank account or use the Visa Debit, Mastercard or Interac E-transfer.


View the Exchange Rate

Confirm the up-to-date exchange rate and confirm fees - if there are any! View all info before transfering, as we never have any hidden fees.


Get Back to What Matters!

Our quick money transfers can take as little as 5 minutes or up to 1 business day. Transfer before 8pm and it will arrive in just a few hours!

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It’s easy with Remitbee
Faster, cheaper and safer.
Remitbee offers a secure and cost-effective way to money transfer to Hong Kong. Our FINTRAC Canada-regulated CAD balance, lets you pre-load funds and make super-fast transfers whenever you need. Enjoy free transfers for transactions over $500 CAD.

Remitbee is the best option to transfer money from Canada to Hong Kong (CAD to HKD)

Remitbee is a lower and more transparent exchange rate: Remitbee provides a lower and very transparent exchange rate for CAD to HKD. Remitbee doesn’t charge any hidden charges for transferring money from Canada to Hong Kong.
Remitbee’s 256-bit security: As a fintech company, Remitbee ensures a blend of tech and finance and provides 256-bit encryption for all the money transfers made from Remitbee platforms.
Made money transfer easy: The Remitbee website, mobile Android app, and iOS app are very user-friendly, and you can send money anytime, anywhere from Canada. Create an account in the Remitbee platform and track the transaction, real-time Canadian Dollar to Hong Kong Dollar currency exchange rate, historical rates, and more.
Remitbee is better than any bank exchange rate in Canada: Remitbee charges just 1:10 of the bank transfer rate. We make more convenient and efficient money transfers for Canadian Dollar to HKD transactions.
24/7 Customer Support: Remitbee always gives priority to addressing our users' queries and doubts. We operate 24*7 customer support and respond immediately to all the queries we receive.
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The easiest way to send money from Canada to Hong Kong is through the Remitbee app.

Remitbee Mobile App made sending money to Hong Kong from Canada easier in just 6 steps.

  • Download the Remitbee Android or iOS App.

  • Sign up with Remitbee.

  • Verify your identity.

  • Add recipient details.

  • Choose a payment method.

  • Click Send

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Discover the attractive referral program by RemitBee, presenting fantastic rewards! Earn a generous $20 reward for each successful referral and gift your friends a $10 reward upon their first transaction using your exclusive code. To qualify, your friend only needs to send a minimum of C$200 or exchange at least C$1,000. With abundant referral opportunities, embark on your earning journey with RemitBee today!
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Download Remitbee app for Android or IOS

Try our brand new Android and IOS apps! Enjoy full money transfer functionality in your smartphone. Biometrical authentication, live exchange rates, and extended functionality will make your money transfers to Norway as seamless as possible.
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Frequently Asked Questions
Remitbee is one of the top money transfer companies in Canada. Since 2015 thousands of Canadians trust their money transfers to Hong Kong. Our service was created by immigrants for other immigrants. We always believed that your hard-earned money shouldn't be taken by the banks or other money transfer companies. It's not fair to get high fees and low exchange rates for such an essential thing like money transfer. There are lots of people who rely on this money, so every cent matters. That's why we don't charge any fees if you transfer over $500 and we always giving the best CAD to HKD exchange rates in Canada!

Here at Remitbee, we believe that online money transfers should be as affordable as possible. Your fee will always depend on the transfer amount and payment method that you select.

  • If you send less than 500 CAD: Direct Withdrawal (EFT) - 2.99 CAD, Interac e-Transfer - 2.99 CAD, Online Bill Payment - 2.99 CAD, Interac Online - 2.99 CAD, Debit card - 2.99 CAD +

  • If you send 500 CAD or more: Direct Withdrawal (EFT) - FREE, Interac e-Transfer - FREE, Online Bill Payment - FREE, Interac Online - 2.99 CAD, Debit card - 8.99 CAD +

Remitbee is famous for its' fast and secure money transfers. If you send money from Canada to Hong Kong it'll take only 1-2 business day for funds to arrive. Most of the times CAD to HKD transfers completed within a few hours or even less!
With Remitbee you can send as low as 10 CAD and up to 9,000 CAD per day. Our monthly limits allow you to send up to 50,000 CAD to Hong Kong.
To make money transfers as convenient as possible, Remitbee offers a variety of payment methods: Direct Withdrawal (EFT), Interac e-Transfer, Online Bill Payment, Interac Online & Debit card
Remitbee is one of the safest ways to send money from Canada to Hong Kong. That’s why we partner with McAfee Canada and use Microsoft Azure services for our data protection. We use 256 bit SSL encryption on all data and transfers, so your money and personal details are completely secure. Moreover, we have a transfer guarantee policy in place. So, if your money were not delivered for some reasons, you'll receive the whole amount back!
Well, if you use any of the Canadian banks or regular money transfer companies, you will never send your money for free. They will always charge you in one way or another by applying direct fees or hidden markup on the exchange rate. One way or another, you will need to pay extra. However, if you send 500 CAD or more using Remitbee, there is absolutely no fee! On top of that, we always offer the most competitive CAD to HKD exchange rates in Canada.
Remitbee allows you to transfer money into any bank account in Hong Kong without exceptions. Here are some of the biggest banks that we are sending money to: Commonwealth Bank, Hong Kong and New Zeland Banking Group (ANZ), National Hong Kong Bank (NAB), Westpac Bank, Bank of Queensland, Macquarie Bank, Bendigo Bank, AMP Bank Ltd, Suncorp Bank, Bankwest and other Hong Kong banks.
There are a few ways how you can send an e-Transfer from Canada to Hong Kong. One of them is through your online banking through RBC, TD, BMO, Scotia Bank, CIBC, and other financial institutions in Canada. Your Interac e-Transfer to Hong Kong will involve initial payment from your online banking, which will be available for your recipient as cash pick up at any Western Union agent location. In most cases, funds are available within 1-2 business days. You can also send direct Interac e-Transfer from Canada to Hong Kong if you have a National Bank account. Unfortunately, in most cases sending money to Hong Kong through WU or bank could be very costly, and you will need to pay high fees. On top of that, your CAD to HKD exchange rate will be way lower than the mid-market rate. Here at Remitbee, we offer you a simple solution to transfer money to Hong Kong using Interact e-Transfer, Interac Online, Bill Payment, or Direct Withdrawal. Just sign up for a free account, select the preferred payment method, and pay directly from your Canadian bank. We always give our customers the best CAD to HKD exchange rate and charge no fees if you sent over 500 CAD!