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Remitbee always gives you the best exchange rate in Canada. Use this amazing exchange rate and send money to any bank in Pakistan within a few hours. Transfer your CAD to PAK seamlessly now and get your first Canadian dollar to Pakistan rupee for free

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Why choose Remitbee to convert the Canadian Dollar to the Pakistani Rupee

When it comes to converting Canadian dollars to PKR, Remitbee stands out for its expertise and excellent customer service. With 20 years of experience in international money transfers, Remitbee offers a safe and secure platform for converting CAD to PKR. As of 11.06.2024, 1 CAD to PKR exchange rate is {{PKR}} PKR, providing you with transparent and accurate rates. Please note that exchange rates are subject to fluctuations and may vary slightly depending on your chosen provider. Trust Remitbee's user-friendly platform for a seamless experience. Enjoy low fees, quick transfers, and real-time updates on your transactions. Customer support is available to assist you every step of the way. Remitbee will give you a better CAD to PKR exchange rate, an accurate currency converter, a lower transaction fee than other currency exchanges, a fast and secure money transfer within 1 day, and 24/7 customer support.
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Raya Khan
I was so surprised at how fast RemitBee's instant transfers are. My mom let me know they recieved the money before I had even gotten the chance to let her know I sent it!
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Moe Rehman
Crazy money transfer service for sending money to Pakistan. I've saved so much time and money
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Khalid Raza
Super helpful customer service, and the fastest, cheapest option to send to Pakistan. RemitBee is the best!

Stop overpaying banks when sending Canadian dollars to Pakistani Rupees with these simple steps

Every time you send money from Canada to Pakistan, you have to check the following things to Reduce Money Transfer rates from Canada to Pakistan Check today's currency conversion value.

  • Compare the exchange rate between banks and online CAD to PKR currency exchange platforms.

  • Minimize your transfer frequency. Instead of doing multiple small transactions, you can do larger transactions. This will reduce your overall money exchange fee.

  • Look for Peer-to-peer(P2P) money transfers. P2P ensures your money will be directly transferred to the one you wish to send. This will give a better CAD to PAK exchange rate and lower transfer fee

  • Check Remitbee currency converter tools' real-time exchange rate for Canadian Dollar to Pakistani Rupee and Remitbee historical currency value.

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Why Remitbee is the best option to transfer money from Canada to Pakistan (CAD to PKR)

Remitbee Low Exchange Rates: Remitbee is offering competitive exchange rates for converting Canadian Dollar to Pakistani Rupee , helping you get more value from your transfers. Remitbee is known for low or no hidden fees, which can help you save money on international transfers from Canada

Speed and Efficiency: We offer fast transfer times, ensuring that your recipient in Pakistan receives the funds quickly.

Convenient Mobile App: The Remitbee website, mobile Android app, and iOS app are very user-friendly, and you can send money anytime, anywhere from Canada. Create an account in the Remitbee platform and track the transaction, real-time CAD to Pak rs currency exchange rate, historical rates, and more.

Remitbee 256-bit Security: Remitbee employs robust security measures to protect your personal and financial information, providing you with peace of mind.

24/7 Customer Support: Remitbee always gives priority to addressing our users' queries and doubts. We operate 24*7 customer support and respond immediately to all the queries we receive.

Transparent and Clear: Remitbee's platform is likely designed to be transparent and clear about its fees, exchange rates, and processes, helping you understand your transfer costs upfront.

Rewards and Loyalty Programs: Remitbee is offering rewards and loyalty programs that can provide additional benefits for frequent users.
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The easiest way to send money from Canada to Pakistan is through the Remitbee app

Remitbee Mobile App made sending money to Pakistan from Canada easier in just 6 steps.

  • Download the Remitbee Android or iOS App

  • Sign up with Remitbee

  • Verify your identity

  • Add recipient details

  • Choose a payment method

  • Click “Send”

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Tips to convert Cad to PKR with a better exchange rate

Watch the 3-month historical trend in the exchange rate of Canadian dollar to Pakistani Rupee. Wait for the favorable moment and do currency conversion

  • Compare exchange rates with the banks and currency exchange platforms.

  • Use the Remitbee online and app for the best low exchange rate for international money transfers.

  • Use leveraged forward contracts if there is more fluctuation in the Canadian Dollar to Pakistan currency conversion rate

  • Always avoid airport currency exchanges. In the airport, you will be charged a higher platform fee for CAD to Pakistani Rupee than for online currency exchange

  • Maximize your amount to be transferred to Pakistan from Canada. Some platforms will lower your platform fee when the amount is higher. Remitbee offers a special exchange rate for those sending money in PKR.

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