Remitbee’s Fees

We keep fees simple! No fees for currency exchange, and everything else you need to know is below. To learn about our different payment methods, learn how to pay here

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Money Transfer Fees
Flat Fees for E-transfer, Bill Payment, EFT and Interac Online
Payment Method
Below $500
Above $500
Debit card
Bill Payment
Interac Online
How we use our fees
When you pay with debit or Interac, 100% of the fees go to payment processing. We simply take a small margin of 0.3 to 0.8% on the exchange rate. The exact number ranges between receiving countries.

Here’s what our fees go towards:

50% goes to our salaries and product development to support a healthy team and continue creating solutions for our customers

25% goes for admin and cost of operations, including day-to-day office costs, rent, and office supplies

15% goes to banking, compliance and security to keep your money safe and make sure all federal regulations are followed

10% - goes to correspondent payout fees

Remitbee profit distribution chart