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Created by immigrants
to help other immigrants

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Our mission is to be
leading money transferring
service provider on the planet

We understand the vital importance of complying with all KYC compliance rules of the jurisdiction in which we operate. Our products must be superior to meet our user’s high expectations. It’s our mission to provide maximum value to anyone who transacts with Remitbee. Building excellent customer service into our core product lines and above all remember that we exist because of our customers.

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Our vision is to become
the most entrusted financial
services provider in the world

We will foster a culture that is free from any kind of discrimination, promoting ethical values, recruiting a talented workforce, and staying at the forefront of the industry.

All this will help us innovate products that leapfrog into the future and above all, be fair to all.

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Our Values

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Our products and services are all about reliability because someone, somewhere on the planet, is depending on the international transfer service we provide.
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Our customers’ families overseas depend on the service we provide. From paying bills or debt to day-to-day living. Dependability is vitally important.
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Our product innovation is a continuous effort as it grows to reflect current and future technology. We strive to harness those technologies for the benefit of the people.
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Our thoughts and action will always be focused on promoting the core aspects of our vision and mission, staying true to ourselves and our customers.
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We must stay grateful for our customers, the reason we exist and our key focus above all else. Thank you for becoming part of Remitbee!

Created by Immigrants
for other Immigrants

Everyone at Remitbee, from our friendly customer service team to the tech geniuses working behind the scenes, were once newcomers to Canada too. We’ve been in your shoes and trust us, we get it. Having a reliable online money transfer service is your lifeline to your family back home and it’s our pleasure to help.

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