We are Remitbee

From a simple dream to a real-life start-up in the heart of Mississauga.

Our Mission

Spark the financial revolution by connecting people and money - across borders, currencies, and cultures

Remit Bee Hive


The Bee Team

Here we’ll have some fun facts about our company which we didn’t come up with yet. But they are coming, we promise.

Our Vision

To create a world with financial empowerment

Who we are and what we do

Bee-lieve it or not, Remitbee was launched by immigrant entrepreneurs who operated a brick and mortar remittance business. A simple idea of an app and web-based remittances, making it easier for Canadian families to support loved ones overseas, evolved into a full-stack fintech startup.

We’ve decided to use technology to fight against high fees set by other greedy financial companies by expanding our services across the country and exploring the realms of currency exchange and blockchain, and offering other financial services.

A small team with big dreams, we choose the bee as our namesake because of the wealth they bring to the natural ecosystem - we hope to pollinate the world’s economies in the same way.

We’re more than customer-oriented. We’re people-oriented.

Through financial education, accessibility, technology, and always being 100% transparent with everything we say and do, we hope to bridge the gap between people and their money.

So far, we’ve saved our customers millions in fees and exchange rates.

Our Values

Number 1


Our products and services are all about reliability because someone, somewhere on the planet, depends on the international transfer service we provide.

Number 2


Our customers’ families overseas depend on the service we provide, from paying bills or debt to day-to-day living. Dependability is vitally important.

Number 3


Our product innovation is a continuous effort as it grows to reflect current and future technology. We strive to harness those technologies to benefit society.

Number 4


Our thoughts and action will always be focused on promoting the core aspects of our vision and mission, staying true to ourselves and our customers.

Number 5


We must stay grateful for our customers, the reason we exist and our key focus above all else. Thank you for becoming part of Remitbee!

Our Hive

Remitbee’s main office is located in Mississauga, Canada, but we have Bees all around the world, from India to the Phillippines.
Remitbee World City