Impenetrable Security & Data Protection

We combine the knowledge of cyber-security experts with the latest in technology to keep your money safe.

Our Security Standards
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Fortified Fraud Detection
Our system is designed to recognize and stop fraudulent behaviour before it happens. It maintains account security every step of the way.
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State of Art Encryption
We use SHA-256 RSA encryption to shield all data and to protect funds from hackers or scammers.
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100% Money-back Guarantee
All transfers and exchanges are 100% insured. If for any reason, your funds don’t make it to your recipient, you’ll get it plus any fees returned to you.
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FINTRAC Regulated
We’re always up to date with regulations and are regularly audited by the Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada. FINTRAC is an arm of the Canadian government that keeps financial services safe.
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Send with peace in mind
Transaction Guarantee Policy
Besides having guaranteed rates, we also have a 100% Money Back Guarantee as a commitment to our customers. If your money sent through Remitbee is not received by the recipient, we will refund the entire amount back to you plus any fees paid.
Frequently Asked Questions
You can now deposit money into your US bank account and retrieve the same amount once it’s converted, and vice versa!
There are no fees at all when you use Remitbee Currency Exchange



Market exchange rate is basically the real exchange rate between two currencies. It’s what financial institutions, like your bank, use to trade with other financial institutions. Unfortunately, these rates are often only reserved for transfers dealing with a ton of money— more money than the average person would ever deal with.

The consumer exchange rate is the rate you’re most likely used to dealing with. The consumer exchange rate is a combination of the market exchange rate plus whatever amount the financial institution (in most cases, your bank) charges in order to make a profit.

It’s best practice to use the market exchange rate as a benchmark when you’re looking for the best rates. The closer the exchange rate is to the market exchange rate, the better.

Remitbee has daily and monthly limits on how much you can send:

The amount of money you can send daily and monthly depends on your verification level with Remitbee. We currently have (3-4) levels of verification

Banks take advantage of the knowledge that most people will use what they’re familiar with when it comes to international transfers. Big banks use this knowledge to continue charging higher rates than other services because they have been able to get away with it for many years. Banks disguise their high exchange rates with complicated fee structures which leave consumers naive about how much money they’re losing.

Remitbee is on a mission to keep our fees and exchange rate transparent so that you can transfer money internationally, while feeling safe that you’re truly getting the best exchange rate.