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Meet the Team

The Remitbee Canada team are a proud group of diverse individuals from all over the world and from different backgrounds. Together, as immigrants in Canada, we can do anything. We are dynamic, talented, smart and always fun to be around.


Our Working Culture

Joining Remitbee means joining the team, from weekly sprints to get our minds and hearts racing, to meetings and idea-fests where every voice is heard. We highly value our employees and offer flexible working hours, so no matter what time of day you’re ready to get going, our 24/7 office is open to you.

Remitbee team

What we offer

Best equipment

Unlimited monitors, laptops and any other tech you need is provided by Remitbee, so working with us is always smooth sailing!

Team activities

The Remitbee team is known for their fun adventures. As part of the team, you’ll be invited to sports activities, bar meet-ups, restaurant meals and more.

Competitive salaries

Whether you’re working full-time, part-time or even from home, we offer competitive salaries that let you know just how much we appreciate your hard work.

Amazing location

Remitbee Head Office is located in Downtown Mississauga, very close to Central Toronto. Our neighbourhood is buzzing with iconic attractions and more.

Career Growth

With each year that passes, Remitbee grows to new strengths. All our employees can grow with us into skilled professionals and leaders as the team expands.

Health Benefits

Healthy, happy workers are hard workers. That’s why we include life insurance, dental coverage and health benefits like massages for all our employees to relieve stress and improve focus.

From Humble Beginnings…

Remitbee began as a few determined immigrants living in Canada with a dream of offering the best remittance service. Now, look at us. We have a great team located in Toronto and we won’t stop there. Join us now by applying for open positions below to join our team and carry on the legacy we have started.