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How it Works

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Invite 3 Friends
Invite 3 friends to Remitbee via Facebook, email or by sharing your unique referral link.
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Your Friends Use Remitbee
Your 3 friends must sign up using your referral link, verify their account and make their first transfer.
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Earn $50
Once all 3 friends have completed their first transfers, your $50 will be added to your rewards balance.

Want to Earn $1000?

There is no limit to the Remitbee Referral Program. You can invite as many friends as you can make! You have the potential to earn thousands by referring people to Remitbee. There is no cap on the number of people you can invite and the amount of money you can make.

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Frequently asked questions

Remitbee is one of the most reputable and leading money transferring online companies in Canada. We are regarded as one of the best ways to transfer money from Canada to India. You can download Remitbee’s Money Transfer app on Google Play or Apple App stores. Once downloaded, you can immediately start using it to send money to India.

You can send money online up to $995 CAD per day when you sign up to Remitbee with your credentials. You can send money to India up to a maximum of $3000 CAD per day with a verified account! Please see compliance requirements regarding identity verification to verify your account. You can send a money transfer to India of up to $25,000 per calendar month, or any country that Remitbee provides service to. Some countries may have limits and if you’re planning to send large amounts, we recommend contacting the receiving account bank.

My Wallet is a unique process created by Remitbee to pay for your transfer. This method allows us to cut out the processing fees charged to us and pass on the savings to you. You can load your wallet with two methods which require you to log in to your bank and send us the funds through Interac E-transfer or bill payment. Instructions for setting up your transfer are provided on the review page. Select “My Wallet” then select method and the instructions will be shown with your own unique account number. It takes about 1-2 minutes from start to finish.

Start by referring 5 of your friends or family. Once 3 of those 5 have completed their first transfer, your $50 will be deposited to your Remitbee Wallet. Thereafter, every time 3 of your referees complete their first transfer, you will be continuously paid $50 to your Remitbee Wallet. There is no limit either!

Need a little help?

Remitbee customer service is an integral part of the package. We take care of all our customers! You can reach us via the toll-free Remitbee customer care number, email or online chat in a wide variety of languages.

Any doubts, queries or problems? We’re ready to help you.