Use any payment method available in Canada

Pay with Visa Debit

You can pay Remitbee fees or load up your wallet using your Visa Debit card, issued by your Canadian bank and linked to your Canadian bank account. Look for the Visa Debit logo on the lower right corner of your card..


Pay with Mastercard Debit

You can now send payments to Remitbee to transfer money or pay fees using your Mastercard Debit. Look for the circular Mastercard logo on the lower right corner of your card. Your bank will issue the Mastercard Debit to you..


Pay with Interac Online

Remitbee accepts payments through Interac Online and Interac Debit. This payment option transfers money from your bank account to Remitbee, for paying fees or transferring money internationally. Remitbee has a fast Interac e-transfer time!.


Free Remitbee Wallet Payments

The Remitbee Wallet is the best and cheapest way to send international transfers. You can fund your wallet by all the popular payment methods in from your bank including Interac E-transfer, Bill payments, and Direct Withdrawal from your bank (ETF). Wallet payments are fast and reliable with 256-bit SSL encryption and McAfee Secure.

Transfers from your wallet over $500 are completely free too. Load up your Remitbee Wallet now to make quick transfers when the exchange rate is on the top!


Interac E-transfer

Logos of all banks that support e-transfer

Bill payment

Logos of all banks that support bill payment

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes you can. You can use any online banking system from Canadian Banks to send e-Transfers, Bill Payment and Interac Online.

Customers can transfer money or pay bills using Interac Online, e-Transfer, Bill Payment, EFT and VISA/Mastercard Debit through Remitbee.

Once you’ve linked your account to Remitbee, EFT is the fastest money transfer method. Transfers are typically completed within one business day.

No, you cannot use credit cards to transfer money with Remitbee. You must be transferring money that is currently in your account.

Electronic Funds Transfers (EFT) are quick and reliable. With this method, money is moved directly from your account to another over a computerized network. Payments are processed through a secure online system and tend to have lower fees associated with them. If you link EFT to your Remitbee Wallet, we are able to draw the funds directly from your account without an additional log in step at your bank and send the money quickly and securely for you.

All of our fees can be located on the following webpage:

Contact our customer support at You can also escalate your transaction for help through the Remitbee app on your phone.

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