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Remitbee Wallet
best way to send money from Canada

Remitbee Wallet

How Remitbee Wallet Works?

Remitbee Wallet is incredibly easy to use and it is absolutely free. Join thousands of the Canadians who already use it to send money abroad fee-free!
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Sign Up
Sign up to Remitbee for your free account and access to your personalized Remitbee wallet.
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Fund your Wallet
Add funds to your Remitbee wallet using one of many payment methods. You can load up your wallet in advance!
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Send Money for Free
Check our Canadian dollar exchange rate, then send money over $500 from your Remitbee Wallet for free. No hidden fees.

Why Use Remitbee Wallet?

There’s nothing like the Remitbee Wallet. It’s pure innovation! We’ve developed the wallet to offer a free way for you to transfer money from Canada to your family around the world.

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    No fees when you send over $500 from your wallet.
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    Bill payment and e-transfer payment methods available.
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    Supported by most major Canadian banks.
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    Incredibly fast transaction speed.
Remitbee team

We are working with all major Canadian banks

To provide you with the best money transfer service in Canada

How Much Money Will You Save?

There are many currency converter and money transfer companies in Canada. Some of our competitors charge up to $12 to send $500 to your family back home. Over time, this adds up to a lot of money wasted! With Remitbee, you can send your money for free and save those unspent fees to treat yourself or send extra to your family.

Start sending money with Remitbee today

Send money from Canada to India with the best and transparent exchange rates without fees!