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  • Better Exchange Rate And we back this up with transparency
  • Easy Move your money smoothly. Enjoy a frictionless experience start to finish.
  • Safe Regulated and audited by FINTRAC. Feel comfort knowing your money is protected.
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      How it works?

      Remitbee Currency Exchange is easy to use and only 3 quick steps. You can exchange up to $50,000 a day with no hidden fees!


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      Why Choose Remitbee

      Remitbee offers you a fast and easy way to exchange your money. The perfect solutions for conducting business overseas, or paying international tutition.

      • Competitive exchange rates
      • High transaction limits to exchange money
      • We take every measure to ensure your money is safe and secure
      • We work with all the major banks in Canada

      A cost effective solution for remote workers

      Many remote workers get paid in USD. This is great considering US dollar is valued more than CAD. However the USD that is paid in your bank account must be converted to Canadian Dollars to pay for life expenses. This is where banks charge you up to 4% to convert the USD to CAD. For an average annual salary of 50,000 USD, the difference between using your banks and Remitbee is almost $1750 USD in savings!


      Hassle free money exchange for home buyers

      The average home price in Canada was forecasted to be about $531,000 CAD in 2020. When converting USD to CAD, an apparently trivial .007 difference in exchange rate could mean over $3,500 CAD saved! Choose the right service to transfer your USD to CAD and CAD to USD wisely

      For help, check our live comparison charts


      The simplest and quickest way to pay for your tuition

      Average tuition fees for international students in Canada during 2020-2021 were about $32,019 CAD.

      This means you could save about $1235 USD yearly with a seemingly trivial .0386 difference in exchange rate. Think of all the meals you could buy yourself with that extra money! Check our live comparison table to see how much you would be saving by using Remitbee Foreign Exchange


      Remitbee always offers the best CAD to USD, USD to CAD exchange rate

      Frequently Asked Questions

      You can now deposit money into your US bank account and retrieve the same amount once it’s converted, and vice versa!


      There are no fees at all when you use Remitbee Currency Exchange

      USD to CAD

      CAD to USD

      Market exchange rate is basically the real exchange rate between two currencies. It’s what financial institutions, like your bank, use to trade with other financial institutions. Unfortunately, these rates are often only reserved for transfers dealing with a ton of money— more money than the average person would ever deal with.

      The consumer exchange rate is the rate you’re most likely used to dealing with. The consumer exchange rate is a combination of the market exchange rate plus whatever amount the financial institution (in most cases, your bank) charges in order to make a profit.

      It’s best practice to use the market exchange rate as a benchmark when you’re looking for the best rates. The closer the exchange rate is to the market exchange rate, the better.

      Remitbee has daily and monthly limits on how much you can send:

      The amount of money you can send daily and monthly depends on your verification level with Remitbee. We currently have (3-4) levels of verification

      Banks take advantage of the knowledge that most people will use what they’re familiar with when it comes to international transfers. Big banks use this knowledge to continue charging higher rates than other services because they have been able to get away with it for many years. Banks disguise their high exchange rates with complicated fee structures which leave consumers naive about how much money they’re losing.

      Remitbee is on a mission to keep our fees and exchange rate transparent so that you can transfer money internationally, while feeling safe that you’re truly getting the best exchange rate.