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No fees and top exchange rates. Get the most out of your money by checking our live comparison table.

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Always Safe

Feel comfort knowing your money is safe. Remitbee is accredited by the Better Business Bureau online reliability program.

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100% Transparent

At Remitbee we don’t have any hidden fees or charges. Know exactly how much you’ll receive.

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Often when looking to get US dollars, customers may be attracted to the claims banks and other companies make. Zero fees and Zero commission sound good. Unfortunately, when it comes to banks, it’s too good to be true. Banks hide their techniques by marking up the exchange rate, knowing that most customers won


True cost of currency exchange for 1000 CAD

*Per data collected on Jan 15th 2021*

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What is the good exchange rate for CAD to USD

For customers looking to save money, shopping around for the best exchange rate is a must. We make it easy with our live comparison table. Banks usually use one rate, called the market rate, to exchange currency with other banks. However, they don’t give this more advantageous rate to their customers. Instead, they add a margin to the exchange rate in order to make a profit. They also charge hidden fees such as a cash handling fee or foreign transaction charge. With Remitbee, you know exactly how much you’ll pay up front, and you get a top exchange rate compared to banks and other services.

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Save thousands every year with Remitbee Currency Exchange

Whether you’re a Canadian snowbird travelling south, need to do business in US dollars, are buying US real estate or a vehicle — you could be losing hundreds of dollars each time you exchange. Withdrawing once a month, for example, is 12 sets of fees each year. A seemingly minor withdrawal of $2,000 CAD monthly is $24,000 CAD annually. If you chose Remitbee you would get $19,094.40 USD. With a bank like Scotiabank, you would only receive $18,681.40 USD, which means you lose almost $500 USD per year. Maximise your savings by getting USD through Remitbee. That way, you pay zero foreign exchange fees and get the top exchange rates online.

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Best place to convert CAD to USD

Remitbee currency exchange stacks up better than both banks and other currency exchange services. We charge ZERO fees, and unlike banks and other services, we are 100 percent upfront with how much money your exchange will get you and the exchange rate.

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Save your business money with our Currency Exchange

You can improve the way you do business by using Remitbee. Say goodbye to currency exchange and foreign transaction fees and put the money saved back into your business. In addition to zero fees we offer the top exchange rates for your CAD to USD and USD to CAD needs. In 2019, $718.4 billion worth of goods and services were traded between the USA and Canada. If you’re a business interested in buying and selling in the USA, you could save thousands throughout the year by using Remitbee. You could be saving about $20-$25 CAD whenever you convert $1000 CAD to USD (as of November 2020). When converting $1000 USD back to CAD you could also save roughly the same amount. If you’re dealing in large sums, think of all the money wasted if you’re choosing the wrong foreign exchange service!

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The best time to exchange CAD to USD

Since Remitbee is entirely online you can use our service 24/7. You can also exchange money on the go by using our mobile apps for iPhone and Android. We process your transfer right away. Then, the funds should be credited to your bank account in a maximum of two business days.

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Remitbee always offers the best CAD to USD exchange rate

Frequently Asked Questions

You can easily exchange money using your bank accounts. First, connect a Canadian (CAD) account you want to pay with. Next, connect or select your Canadian USD account, where we'll deposit exchanged USD amount. Once both accounts are linked, review all exchange details and confirm transactions. Exchanged USD amount will be deposited into your bank account within two business days.

Indeed you can. Remitbee allows you to deposit to your USD account in Canada.

No, there is not. Remitbee Currency Exchange helps you to quickly and easily exchange your cash for ZERO fees.

Remitbee currently exchanges Canadian Dollar to US Dollar as well as US Dollar to Canadian Dollar. More currency pairs will be available for your exchange needs in the future.

The exchange rate between two currencies used by banks is known as the market exchange rate. It's what financial institutions use to transact with one another. This is what you see when you search for a rate on Google, for example. Regrettably, these rates are often reserved for transfers involving large sums of money — much more than the average citizen would ever have to exchange. The consumer exchange rate is the one you're probably most familiar with. This exchange rate is made up of the market exchange rate plus whatever profit the financial institution (in most cases, your bank) wants to make. When looking for the best prices, it's best to use the market exchange rate as a benchmark. The more close the exchange rate is to the market rate, the more favourable it will be to you.

Yes, there is a cap on how much you can change daily with Remitbee. The amount of money you can request to change daily is determined by your Remitbee verification level. You can trade up to $50,000 a day if we have checked and verified you.

Remitbee, unlike banks, specializes in currency exchange and can do it at a lower rate. Big banks profit from the fact that the majority of their customers are unaware that there are other choices for foreign currency trading. As a result, they continue to charge higher prices than other companies because customers have not known any better for many years. Banks hide their high exchange rates behind complex fee systems, leaving you unaware of the amount of money you’re losing. Transparency is guaranteed with Remitbee: what you see is exactly what you get, right down to the last dollar. You have several options to choose from but Remitbee offers a quick and easy currency exchange process that is more favorable than a bank. Check out Remitbee in the city closest to you.