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Disclaimer: Please note that the exchange rates provided on our website are for informational purposes only. The actual rates available in the market may vary. We recommend verifying the rates with your chosen exchange provider before initiating any transactions.

Our converter uses the mid-market rate for reference purposes only. Please note that this rate is not available when you send money.

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At Remitbee, you can easily convert CAD to PHP. Stay informed about our daily real-time exchange rate between the Canadian dollar (CAD) and the Philippine Peso (PHP). Remitbee will be best for those who travel abroad, do international transactions, and send money to family and friends from Canada to Philippines. Remitbee will give you a better CAD to PHP exchange rate, a lower transaction fee than other currency exchanges, a fast and secure money transfer within 1 day, and 24/7 customer support.
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Stop overpaying banks when you send CAD to PHP money transfers to Philippines

Current Exchange Rate: As of 20.05.2024, the Canadian Dollar to PHP exchange rate is 1 CAD = 42.0265 PHP. Please note that exchange rates are subject to fluctuations and may slightly vary depending on the provider you choose. We recommend verifying the current rate before proceeding with any currency conversions.

Conversion Tool: Use our currency converter to effortlessly convert Canadian Dollars to Philippine Pesos. Simply enter the amount in CAD, and our tool will provide you with the equivalent value in PHP based on the current exchange rate. This tool ensures quick and accurate conversions for your convenience.
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Remitbee is the best option to transfer money from Canada to Philippines

Historical Exchange Rates: Track the performance of the CAD to PHP exchange rate over time with our historical exchange rate chart. This chart displays rates for the past, enabling you to observe trends and patterns. Historical data can be valuable for analyzing the currency's volatility and making informed decisions.

Currency Comparison: Compare the CAD to PHP exchange rate with other major currencies such as USD, EUR, or INR. This comparison feature allows you to assess the relative strength of the Canadian Dollar and Philippine Peso in the global market, providing insights for currency exchange decisions.
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Conversion fees : Before initiating any currency conversion, it is important to consider the associated fees and charges. Banks, exchange services, or other providers may apply fees or service charges to the conversion process. Ensure you inquire about these costs to have a clear understanding of the total amount you will receive in Philippine Pesos.

Factors Affecting Exchange Rates: Several factors influence the CAD to PHP exchange rate, including economic indicators, political events, interest rates, inflation, and trade relations between Canada and the Philippines. Stay informed about these factors through our regularly updated news and analysis section, which provides insights into the currency market dynamics.
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Step-by-Step Guide to Using the Currency Converter

Using our currency converter is easy and efficient. Follow these steps for the best results:
Enter Amount:Input the amount of Canadian dollars you want to convert.
Select Currencies: Choose CAD and your target currency, such as PHP.
Check the Rate:Our converter provides the current mid-market rate for reference.
View Converted Amount:See how much your money is worth in the target currency.
Plan Your Transfer: Use this information to decide the best time to transfer.
For any questions, consult our customer support team for personalized assistance.
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Remitbee assures you safe and secure money transfer from Canada to Philippines

At Remitbee, safeguarding your data is our top priority. Our robust security measures and policies protect your personal and financial information during CAD to PHP currency conversions.

Data Protection:

We use 256-bit encryption protocols, such as SSL, to secure your data and ensure privacy. Your information is encrypted during transmission and storage.


Multi-factor authentication adds an extra layer of security, preventing unauthorized access to your account.

Secure Transactions:

All transactions comply with regulatory standards, ensuring a safe and compliant experience.

Privacy Policy:

Our privacy policy outlines how we collect, use, and store your data. We only use your information for the purposes you’ve authorized.

Regular Audits:

We conduct routine security audits to identify and address vulnerabilities, keeping your data safe.

Trust Remitbee for secure CAD to PHP conversions. Our commitment to data protection ensures peace of mind when sending money internationally.

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Expert Opinion on Currency Market conditions:

The CAD to PHP currency market is influenced by various factors, including economic performance in Canada and Philippines, commodity prices, and global financial trends. As both countries are commodity exporters, fluctuations in resource markets can impact their exchange rates.
Currently, the Canadian dollar (CAD) may experience shifts due to changes in oil prices, a major export for Canada. Meanwhile, Philippine Peso(PHP) is sensitive to iron ore prices and other key exports. Economic indicators such as GDP growth, employment rates, and inflation can also play a role in exchange rate movements.
For those converting CAD to PHP, monitoring central bank policies in both countries is essential. Decisions on interest rates and monetary policy can significantly affect currency values.
Stay updated with Remitbee for expert analysis on current market conditions and how they impact your CAD to PHP conversions. With our insights, you can make more informed decisions and optimize your international transfers
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