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Big Business Benefits For Your Small Business
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    Pay employees & vendors across the globe fee-free
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    Limitless CAD/USD exchange with top rates
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    100% online & paperless
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    Tax-ready receipts and documents
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    Access to special perks with our partner network
What people say about us
Peter Graham's photo
Peter Graham
We had a smooth experience using Remitbee for paying our freelancers across 3 different countries. The platform is simple to use and it does not take a lot of time to send out transactions.
Aubree Morgan's photo
Aubree Morgan
Our marketing agency works with clients from Canada as well as the US, while we have employees in Canada, India as well as the Philippines. With Remitbee, things have been convenient and on point with no issues at all. I would recommend it to others too.
Harry Brar's photo
Harry Brar
We work with US wholesale customers for which we get paid in USD. The process of changing them back to CAD has been great but more importantly, it's been much cheaper than before saving us quite a bit of money. Highly recommended for currency exchange.
Why Remitbee is
great for Biz?
Number 1
Your Business: Your Way
We are 100% online so whether you’re on the move or at the office, you’ll be able to take care of business. Available 24/7.
Number 2
We will Save You Time
We use the latest in technology to ensure that all your transactions are as fast as possible, keeping you ahead of schedule.
Number 3
And Money
Staying within your budget is easy with Remitbee. Enjoy free transfers, no-fee currency exchange and competitive exchange rates.
Currency exchange
Do you think you got the best deal on your last currency exchange?
Avoid hefty bank fees and get the best possible exchange rates with Remitbee. Here are a few other advantages:
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    Initiate exchange within seconds with a few clicks
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    Convert up to 1 million dollars per day
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    All transactions are 100% secure and insured
Remitbee world
Global business remittances
Any amount, any time, any country in the world

Easily pay vendors, employees or freelancers around the world. Remitbee charges a tenth of the cost you’d normally pay with banks.

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    Send up to 100k$ daily
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    Free Transfers of 500$+
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    Money delivered within minutes
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    Competitive exchanges rates
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    100% Money-back Guarantee
Add more to your bottom line
Save thousands with our beat-the-bank exchange rates

How does it work in the real life?

Let’s say you sold $50,000 USD worth of products. When it comes time to convert that into Canadian Dollars, your bank will charge anywhere between 3% to 5%. That means you’re paying up to 2,500 USD just to have that money converted.

The best way to exchange large amounts of currency is with us. We only take 0.3% to 0.6% on the conversion rate for making that same exchange, saving you more than $2,000 USD!

Read our case study about exchange rates Chevron

Our top priority
Always protecting your money
We deploy world-class tech and security infrastructure so your data and money are secure. We have impenetrable data encryption, are FINTRAC regulated and have a 100% money-back guarantee so you can sleep peacefully.
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    Impenetrable Data Encryption
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    FINTRAC regulated
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    100% money-back guarantee
Supporting Local Businesses and Startups

We believe that small and medium-sized businesses are the backbone of our economy. We participate in incubators and accelerators to help give local businesses a leg up in the competition.

Frequently Asked Questions
With Remitbee, your business can save thousands on money transfers & currency exchange transactions! Compared to the banks that charge you anywhere between 3-5% on converting currency, Remitbee takes 0.3%-0.6% for the same exchange, saving you 5-10x more money.
Remitbee is a FINTRAC-regulated global remittance & currency exchange service provider. All transactions are secure and 100% insured
All transfers over 500$ are free. Remitbee has no hidden fees and only charge a small margin to help cover business expenses.
Remitbee allows you to send up to $100k globally or exchange up to $1M. In case you are sending more than $100k or exchanging more than $1M just reach out and we will make it happen for you
Yes, Remitbee provides you with all tax-ready receipts and documents available for download with a single click so you can work on your book keeping worry free.