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How to do Currency Exchange?

You can exchange USD and CAD 100% online with Remitbee. If you need to exchange other currencies you can do so at our store! Check out the bottom of this article for available currencies. Here are the steps to exchange CAD and USD online:



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Step 1. Sign up for Remitbee and verify your account

Step 2. Select the currencies and the amount of money you would like to exchange

Step 4. Connect your Canadian bank accounts

Step 5. Confirm details and exchange your money!

It will take 2 business days to see your newly converted funds in your account.

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Who is online currency exchange for?

As mentioned before, Remitbee online currency exchange is currently available to anyone with Canadian bank accounts. More currency pairs will be added in 2021.

The exchange may be especially useful for:

-Those living in Canada but earn USD -“Snowbirds” people who spend their summers in Canada but Winters in The States -Individuals who prefer to hold their money in certain currencies to hold its value -Those who go on extended trips to Canada or the USA -investors who buy stocks in both currencies

  • Business owners who operate in the USA and Canada

Currencies available to exchange in store:

CAD to USD, USD to CAD, CAD to GBP, GBP to CAD, CAD to EURO, EURO to CAD, CAD to swiss franc, to swiss franc to CAD, INR to CAD, CAD to INR,