Send money from Canada to a Truist Bank account in America

Truist Bank, USA

Truist Bank is the 6th largest bank holding company in the United States, and was created out of a partnership between SunTrust banking and BB&T. Truist provides a variety of services and online banking resources to clients in high-growth markets to promote economic growth. In 2020, the Truist Retail Services Team was recognized as being ‘#1 in customer satisfaction with consumer loans among mass-market brands’ by J.D. Power in its U.S. Customer Financing Satisfaction Study.

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How to Send Money to the United States with Truist

Sending money to Truist accounts in the United States in just 5 easy steps!

  • Sign up for a Remitbee account. This is free, easy, and allows you access to a secure Remitbee Wallet.
  • Fill out your profile with information about yourself, including your full name, address and occupation. Verify your email and phone number.
  • Tell us about your recipient. We need their bank details account, including bank name and account number.
  • Check the CAD to USD rate. Once the exchange rate for CAD to USD is at an acceptable level, enter the amount you want to transfer, select your payment method and confirm your remittance. Our conversion rates change daily, but each payment method has its own fixed amount.
  • You’ll get a notification that your transfer has been received! You can track its progress on the remitbee app.

Why send money directly to Truist?

There are many benefits to Truist online banking and direct sending with Remitbee. Here’s a quick overview:

  • Avoid the commute! No need to make a trip to the bank or cash pick-up center
  • Secure account to account transfer
  • Easy recipient access to funds
  • Free transfers 500$ and over

What is the information that you’ll need to complete the transfer

Here is the information that you’ll need to transfer through Remitbee.

  • Recipient’s names, as they appear on the bank accounts
  • Recipient’s Address – that is on the bank account
  • ACH Routing Number - to confirm account identity
  • Account Number – This ensures it gets to your recipient’s account.

How Remitbee calculates the CAD to USD Exchange Rate

We are upfront about any fees, and you can see them in the application before you send money to the United States. Exchange rates are assessed based on daily market rates, we offer some of the most competitive rates available. Low fees based on payment method differ but Remitbee Wallet is a free funding method.

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How international money transfers work

One of the banks will calculate the exchange rate CAD to USD, and transfer instructions are sent from the sender to the receiver via the SWIFT network and the money is moved between accounts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! We offer transfers to over 45+ countries.

You can choose to pay using Interac e-Transfer, Interac Online, Bill payment, Electronic Funds Transfer or Visa or Mastercard Debit.

Direct bank account transfers. The transfers typically take between 1 and 2 days, but some transfers happen instantly.

If you verify your identity on our platform, you can send up to 9,000 CAD per day, with a maximum of 50,000 CAD per month.

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