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The Exchange rate of today’s 1 CAD to EUR is 0.6619 EUR. Use this amazing rate and send money to any bank in Europe within a few hours. Transfer seamlessly now and get your first Canadian dollar to Euro transfer for free

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Disclaimer: Please note that the exchange rates provided on our website are for informational purposes only. The actual rates available in the market may vary. We recommend verifying the rates with your chosen exchange provider before initiating any transactions.

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Why Choose Remitbee to Convert CAD to EUR?

At Remitbee, you can easily convert CAD to Euro. Stay informed about our daily real-time Canadian Dollars to Euros exchange rate. Remitbee will be best for those who travel abroad, do international transactions, and send money to family and friends from Canada to Europe. Remitbee will give you a better Canadian Dollar to Euro exchange rate, a lower transaction fee than other currency exchanges, a fast and secure money transfer within 1 day, and 24/7 customer support. As of 21/07/2024, the 1 CAD to EUR exchange rate stands at {{EUR}} Euro.
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Stop overpaying banks when you send CAD to EUR money transfers to Europe

Every time you send money from Canada to Europe, you have to check the following things

  • Check today's currency conversion value.

  • Compare the exchange rate between banks and online CAD to EUR currency exchange platforms.

  • Minimize your transfer frequency. Instead of doing multiple small transactions, you can do larger transactions. This will reduce your overall money exchange fee.

  • Look for Peer-to-peer(P2P) money transfers. P2P ensures your money will be directly transferred to the one you wish to send. This will give a better CAD to EUR exchange rate and lower transfer fee

  • Check Remitbee currency converter tools real-time exchange rate for Canadian Dollar to Euro(CAD to EUR) and Remitbee historical currency exchange value between CAD to Euro

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Remitbee is the best place to convert CAD to EUR

Remitbee is a lower and more transparent exchange rate: Remitbee provides a lower and very transparent exchange rate for CAD to EUR. Remitbee doesn’t charge any hidden charges for transferring money from Canada to Europe.
Remitbee’s 256-bit security: As a fintech company, Remitbee ensures a blend of tech and finance and provides 256-bit encryption for all the money transfers made from Remitbee platforms.
Made money transfer easy: The Remitbee website, mobile Android app, and iOS app are very user-friendly, and you can send money anytime, anywhere from Canada. Create an account in the Remitbee platform and track the transaction, real-time Canadian Dollar to Euro currency exchange rate, historical rates, and more.
Remitbee is better than any bank exchange rate in Canada: Remitbee charges just 1:10 of the bank transfer rate. We make more convenient and efficient money transfers for Canadian Dollar to Euro transactions.
24/7 Customer Support: Remitbee always gives priority to addressing our users' queries and doubts. We operate 24*7 customer support and respond immediately to all the queries we receive.
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Tips to convert CAD to EURO with a better exchange rate

  • Watch the 3-month historical trend in the CAD exchange rate to EUR. Wait for the favorable moment and do currency conversion

  • Compare exchange rates with the banks and currency exchange platforms.

  • Use the Remitbee online and app for the best low exchange rate for international money transfers.

  • Use leveraged forward contracts if there is more fluctuation in the Canadian Dollar to EURO currency conversion rate

  • Always avoid airport currency exchanges. In the airport, you will be charged a higher platform fee for CAD to Eur than for online currency exchange

  • Maximize your amount to be transferred to Europe from Canada. Some platforms will lower your platform fee when the amount is higher. Remitbee offers a special exchange rate for those sending money in EUR.

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Step-by-Step Guide to Using the Remitbee Currency Converter

Using our currency converter is easy and efficient. Follow these steps for the best results
Enter Amount: Input the amount of Canadian dollars you want to convert.
Select Currencies: Choose CAD and your target currency, such as EUR
Check the Rate: Our converter provides the current mid-market rate for reference.
View Converted Amount: See how much your money is worth in the target currency.
Plan Your Transfer: Use this information to decide the best time to transfer.
For any questions, consult our customer support team for personalized assistance.
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Remitbee assures you safe and secure money transfer from Canada to European Countries

At Remitbee, safeguarding your data is our top priority. Our robust security measures and policies protect your personal and financial information during CAD to EUR currency conversions.
Data Protection:
We use 256-bit encryption protocols, such as SSL, to secure your data and ensure privacy. Your information is encrypted during transmission and storage.
Multi-factor authentication adds an extra layer of security, preventing unauthorized access to your account.
Secure Transactions:
All transactions comply with regulatory standards, ensuring a safe and compliant experience.
Privacy Policy:
Our privacy policy outlines how we collect, use, and store your data. We only use your information for the purposes you’ve authorized.
Regular Audits:
We conduct routine security audits to identify and address vulnerabilities, keeping your data safe.
Trust Remitbee for secure CAD to EUR conversions. Our commitment to data protection ensures peace of mind when sending money internationally.
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Frequently asked questions
Remitbee is one of the top money transfer companies in Canada. Since 2015 thousands of Canadians have trusted their money transfers to Europe. Our service was created by immigrants for other immigrants. We always believed that your hard-earned money shouldn't be taken by the banks or other money transfer companies. It's not fair to get high fees and low exchange rates for such an essential thing like money transfer. There are lots of people who rely on this money, so every cent matters. That's why we don't charge any fees if you transfer over $500 and we always giving the best CAD to EUR exchange rates in Canada!
We may be biased, but we believe Remitbee is the best method for converting CAD to Euros for online money transfer. You don’t have to pay artificially high conversion rates or fees imposed by banks to make the exchange, and we offer the lowest fees available.
Initiate a transfer, add your European recipient, select a payment method and then you will see the current exchange rate and fees associated with the transfer you are trying to start. If you are happy with those fees, complete the transfer and your recipient will receive your money in Euros.
Yes, Remitbee does! We don’t artificially inflate the exchange rate in order to make a high profit on your transfers, enabling you to transfer as much of your money as possible.
Mid-market exchange rates are calculated by finding the mid-point between the “sell” and “buy” transaction rates on the global currency markets. This gives you the best idea of the value of your CAD or Euros since they are not weighted in favor of sellers or buyers. These rates change daily, so we recommend doing a Google search to find the current CAD to EUR mid-market exchange rate.
No, one Canadian dollar is currently worth a little more than 0.60 Euro cents.
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The Euro is considered a very strong currency. It is currently stronger than the CAD, USD and GBP.