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For a fast, secure and reliable remittance service to send money from Canada to Europe, you should always choose Remitbee. Our best CAD to EUR rates are available to everyone and come with a Money Back Guarantee!

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Why choose Remitbee to convert CAD to EUR?

One of the major factors that comes up when sending money to other countries is exchange rates. Some companies and banks increase the exchange rate to make a large profit, which can make it difficult to know what a fair conversion rate actually is. At Remitbee, we are committed to keeping exchange rates and fees as low as possible so as much of your money reaches your loved ones as fast as possible. Transfers from CAD to EUR also come with a Money Back Guarantee!

You can use remitbee to transfer to any country in Europe, including the UK, France, Switzerland, Austria, Norway, Denmark, Hungary, Poland, Sweden, Luxembourg, Belgium, Greece, Finland, Ireland, Italy, Slovakia, Slovenia and more.

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Stop overpaying banks when you send CAD to EUR money transfers to Europe

Many people think Banks can offer the best CAD to EUR exchange rate, but they are actually notorious for charging more than is necessary to make a profit. The margins of exchange rates for Canadian banks ranges from 5% to 8%, which adds up quickly when you are sending larger amounts of money.

Remitbee has a smaller infrastructure and more efficient technology, allowing us to offer competitive exchange rates when you convert Euro to CAD or CAD to Euros. We never charge unnecessary fees and work hard to keep the cost for sending money home as affordable as possible.

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Remitbee is the best place to convert CAD to EUR

With Remitbee, you always know you are getting the best CAD to EUR exchange rate. We are constantly reevaluating our fees and improving the technology we use to keep the cost as low as possible, and we don’t heavily increase the exchange rates to make a large profit off your transfers.

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Remitbee is the cheapest option to send money to Europe

We understand how frustrating it can be to face expensive fees and conversion rates when trying to send much needed funds to another country. We use the most up to date software and cut out as many middle steps as possible so that we can pass along savings to you. Our fees are always transparent and competitive, and we even enable you to transfer sums over 500 CAD using Remitbee Wallet without paying a fee.

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Convert CAD to EUR with the lightning fast speed

Remitbee offers different transfer methods that enable you to send Canadian Dollars to Euros as fast as in a matter of minutes. Since Remitbee was founded by immigrants and is run by immigrants, we understand that sometimes you need to send money home fast.

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Send money from Canada to Europe with the Remitbee App

You can send money from Canada to any country in Europe using the secure Remitbee app. Start by downloading the app from the Google Play store or the App store, sign into your account and initiate a transfer like you normally would.

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Why choose Remitbee to send your CAD to EUR over other competitors

In addition to our secure transfers, cutting edge technology and dedicated team of customer service representatives, you can use your Remitbee Wallet with Remitbee. This enables faster, cheaper transfers and even lets you transfer amounts over $500 CAD for free.

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Remitbee is the most secure option for your CAD to EUR transfers

We place the highest value on security, and always ensure your money arrives in its destination safely. If something were to go wrong, we will transfer your money back to you using our money back guarantee.

To help protect your funds, we’ve partnered with McAfee Canada and earned a Microsoft Azure Certification that adds extra protection to your CAD to Euro transfer. We also use a 256 bit SSL encryption on all transfers and data to help ensure that your personal details are as secure as possible.

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Send money from Canada to Europe with the Remitbee App

You can send money from Canada to any country in Europe using the secure Remitbee app. Start by downloading the app from the Google Play store or the App store, sign into your account and initiate a transfer like you normally would.

Frequently asked questions

Remitbee is one of the top money transfer companies in Canada. Since 2015 thousands of Canadians trust their money transfers to Europe. Our service was created by immigrants for other immigrants. We always believed that your hard-earned money shouldn't be taken by the banks or other money transfer companies. It's not fair to get high fees and low exchange rates for such an essential thing like money transfer. There are lots of people who rely on this money, so every cent matters. That's why we don't charge any fees if you transfer over $500 and we always giving the best CAD to EUR exchange rates in Canada!

We may be biased, but we believe Remitbee is the best method for converting CAD to Euros for online money transfer. You don’t have to pay artificially high conversion rates or fees imposed by banks to make the exchange, and we offer the lowest fees available.

Initiate a transfer, add your European recipient, select a payment method and then you will see the current exchange rate and fees associated with the transfer you are trying to start. If you are happy with those fees, complete the transfer and your recipient will receive your money in Euros.

Yes, Remitbee does! We don’t artificially inflate the exchange rate in order to make a high profit on your transfers, enabling you to transfer as much of your money as possible.

Mid-market exchange rates are calculated by finding the mid-point between the “sell” and “buy” transaction rates on the global currency markets. This gives you the best idea of the value of your CAD or Euros since they are not weighted in favor of sellers or buyers. These rates change daily, so we recommend doing a Google search to find the current CAD to EUR mid-market exchange rate.

No, one Canadian dollar is currently worth a little more than 0.60 Euro cents.

Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain

The Euro is considered a very strong currency. It is currently stronger than the CAD, USD and GBP.