Can I Deposit USD in Scotiabank ATM?

By Remitbee - Mar 21, 2023

Scotiabank in Canada offers CAD and USD bank accounts. However, it won't be possible if you plan to deposit USD in your account via a Scotiabank ATM since the machine can only recognize CAD cash and cheques. If you need to deposit USD you need to do so directly with a teller at the bank.

How to Deposit in Scotiabank ATM

You can deposit Canadian dollars at any Scotiabank ATM 24/7.

To make a cash or cheque deposit, here are the steps you need to take:

Step 1:

Remove all paper clips, rubber bands, and staples before you insert your cash or cheques into the ATM.

Step 2:

Insert your ScotiaCard into the green slot, face up. Make sure that the Scotiabank logo is facing the ATM. Once the prompt appears, enter your four (4) digit PIN, then wait for the Main Menu screen.

Step 3:

On the Main Menu, select ‘Deposit.’ If you see that the deposit option is greyed out, the Scotiabank ATM you are using is full. If this happens, try another available Scotiabank ATM near you.

Step 4:

Insert your cash and/or cheques together into the slot when prompted.

Step 5:

Wait for the Scotiabank ATM to read your deposited cash and cheques. This process will only take a few seconds.

Step 6:

Review the breakdown of your deposit displayed on the screen. Make sure everything is correct and accounted for before closing the window.

Step 7:

After reviewing your deposit breakdown, you will see the total amount. If it is correct, select ‘Confirm Deposit.’ Do it now if you have more cash or a cheque to deposit.

Step 8:

Wait for your deposit to be processed successfully. This step often lasts just a few seconds.

Step 9:

Once the deposit is processed, choose which Scotiabank account you want your money deposited into.

Step 10:

You will be given the option to get a printed receipt or not. If you deposited a cheque, you could choose a receipt with or without the cheque images printed.

After this step, you can be sure that the fund has been deposited to your chosen Scotiabank account. The ATM will ask you if you need to do another transaction. If you don’t need to, select ‘No.’

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I edit the cheque?

Yes! If the amount displayed on the Scotiabank ATM screen is the wrong cheque amount, you can manually change it. Simply enter the correct amount and click save.

What should I do if the ATM does not recognize the cheque amount?

In this case, it is suggested that you manually enter the figure. Once you have entered the amount, click ‘Save’ and proceed with the process. On the other hand, you can also choose the option to have the cheque returned to you.

*Note that if you choose to have your deposited items returned, they will be given back to you before you confirm your final deposit amount.

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