RBC USD Account Overview

Put your USD in a savings account with RBC and receive interest and free online transfers Curious? Keep reading!

RBC USD Account

The RBC USD account is for customers who need somewhere to keep their US dollars – or deposit money that they are paid in USD. If you use this account, you won't have to convert your cash to Canadian dollars, which could be a major advantage if exchange rates aren't favourable.

You can put your USD in a savings account with RBC and receive interest and free online transfers with RBC bank accounts. Curious? Everything you need to know about the RBC USD account is right here in this guide.

How to Create a USD Account With RBC

To sign up for a USD account with RBC you can fill out the application online.

Step 1. Enter your full name and email address.

Step 2. Enter your full address and phone number including area code.

Step 3. Enter your Date of Birth.

Step 4. Enter your occupation, including the name of the company where you work and company phone number.

Step 5. Confirm you are a resident of Canada for tax purposes and your province, as well as if you are a tax resident of any other country.

Step 6. Confirm if you will be the only one using the account and the purpose of the account.

Step 7. Your application will be presented for your review, and the address of your home branch will be displayed as well as the legal terms of the account. Click “Agree & Apply”.

Step 8. At the end of the application, the confirmation page will display. You may have to visit a branch with your identification to activate your account and complete the process.

Key features


The US High Interest eSavings is the best USD account to get with RBC.

Here are some of its key features:

  • High interest: RBC calculates the interest daily and pays out monthly.
  • No monthly fee: And one free debit each month.
  • 24/7 access to electronic transfers on the account: You can transfer from the account to other RBC accounts online, at ATMs, and by phone.
  • Monthly Fees & Interest Rate & Minimum Balance


    Monthly fees:

    RBC charges NO monthly fees and allows one debit transaction each month

    Interest rate:

    Account holders benefit from a rate of 0.05% (subject to change)

    Minimum Balance:

    There is no minimum balance for the RBC High Interest eSavings account, so $0.



    In addition to access to MyAdvisor, a digital advice service to help reach your savings goals, RBC also has a set of powerful benefits called RBC Vantage. It gives you benefits and rewards for everyday actions, and helps you save.

    The program benefits work like this.

  • Save money on your fill-up when you use your linked card at Petro-Canada.
  • You could save on monthly account fees if you link your account and do direct deposits, plus NO minimum balance required.
  • Peace of mind with the ability to lock a debit or credit card you may have misplaced right inside the RBC mobile app.
  • Access to NOMI, which can help you not just budget, but stick to it.
  • What’s more, if you switch to an eligible RBC account, you could get $300 cash. This offer ends August 31, 2021. This works best if you link your USD account to your usual everyday RBC banking account.

    Currency Exchange Using USD Account

    Create your free account

    Sign up for an account at https://www.remitbee.com/signup by entering your email address and choosing a password. Your Canadian phone number will be required to be verified. Fill in your personal information, such as your name and address.

    Go to the menu

    From the menu, select Exchange Currency. Now enter the details of your currency exchange, depending on your exchange amount further verification may be required.

    Connect your accounts

    Connect your CAD and USD bank accounts

    Confirm your details

    Choose the amount and confirm your exchange rate. The entire transaction takes place between your own two currency accounts via EFT

    You’re almost done!

    Convert your money! You can see all of your transactions in future by going to the Dashboard and clicking on the Transactions tab.