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BMO Bank of Montreal CAD to USD / USD to CAD Exchange Rate Overview

BMO or Bank of Montreal offers you the option of getting money in cash from a bank branch. You can also order the funds online. The bank publishes its rates online, but says that they are for information only. A rate that you see on the bank website may change without notice. They only guarantee the rate at the time of your actual purchase of foreign currency. While conventional banking institutions have traditionally been the go-to place for foreign exchange purposes, newly emerging online financial technology can provide better rates since they focus only on currency services.


How does BMO’s currency exchange work?

BMO displays its rates online but there are a few disclaimers: The rates provided are against Canadian dollars, only apply to over the counter cash exchanges and are intended to be used for information purposes only. BMO charges a higher exchange rate margin than specialized foreign exchange companies. It also has expensive fees. In addition to a flat rate, you will be charged a portion of the actual amount exchanged. This can easily add up, particularly if you're sending a large sum..


How to Exchange Currency with BMO

BMO claims that it can make preparing for travel easier. The bank does this by letting you order currency online and getting it delivered to your home or office. There is a limit of 2,000 CAD per day and a priority courier fee of 10 CAD for the service. Wondering how to order foreign currency from BMO? Here is how you do it.

Step 1. Sign in to BMO Online Banking ( to start your order of foreign currency.

Step 2. From the top navigation menu, choose My Accounts.

Step 3. Choose your account.

Step 4. In the left navigation menu, choose Order Foreign Currency.

Step 5. Enter your order details, verify the information given, and submit it. You're done.

Step 6. If you live in a major city, your money can take up to four business days to arrive. It could take up to seven days if you live in a rural area.

How to Exchange in BMO accounts with Remitbee

Step 1

Create an account by entering your email address and selecting a password. You will be asked to confirm your Canadian phone number. Enter your Personal Information including name and address.

Step 1 image
Step 2

From the menu, select Exchange Currency. Now enter the details of your currency exchange to see how much you'll get right away.

Step 2 image
Step 3

Connect your CAD and USD bank accounts

Step 3 image
Step 4

Choose the amount and confirm your exchange rate. The entire transaction takes place between your own two currency accounts via EFT

Step 4 image
Step 5

Convert your money! You can see all of your transactions in future by going to the Dashboard and clicking on the Transactions tab.

Step 5 image

Wondering how much you can get? Try our currency exchange calculator!

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Alternatives to BMO’s Foreign Exchange Rate

Looking for an alternative to using BMO for exchanging currency? You can save money on your US dollar purchase by finding another service. It could also be more convenient than using a bank. If you are looking for currency exchange alternatives, check out this list.

- Other Banks
- Online Currency Exchange Companies
- Airport Kiosks or Stores
- ATMs in the US or Overseas .


Why is Remitbee the best place to convert?

Remitbee has better rates on currency exchange than your bank

Remitbee is regulated and audited by FINTRAC so transactions are secure

Remitbee simplifies the process of changing money so you can get on with your day


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Frequently Asked Questions

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