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How to use Interac Online to fund a transfer ?

RemitBee accepts Interac Online and Interac Debit as payment methods. This option allows you to send money from your bank account to RemitBee to pay fees or send money internationally. Money transfers via Interac take less than a minute with RemitBee.

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Here are the steps on how to send a transfer using Interac Online:

  1. Log in to your RemitBee account

  2. Choose “send money” and select or add your recipient

  3. Enter the amount you want to send and select or add your preferred receiving method

  4. Select the purpose of your transfer

  5. Choose your bank from the options. However, the option to pay via Interac Online will only appear when you choose TD or RBC. With TD, only old cards will work for this feature.

  6. Now it’s time to finalize your payment option. Choose “Interac” undercard payment.

  7. Review all the transfer details before confirming your transfer. Then, you must wait until you are redirected to Interac Online’s page.

  8. Choose between RBC and TD from the Financial Institution options. Wait until you are redirected to your bank’s page.

  9. Enter your username or client card number and online banking password to sign in to Interac Online. Then, a 2-step verification will be required. Make sure your mobile phone is beside you.

  10. Once you’ve successfully signed in, you will be asked to review and confirm the payment details.

Within 10 seconds of completing the transaction, you should be automatically redirected back to RemitBee's page. If not, return to RemitBee's page by clicking the link provided on your screen. At this point, you have now completed your transfer and the fund will now be on its way to your recipient.