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What is the fees for sending money online?

Remitbee aims to be a place with the best exchange rates, great customer support, and lowest fees. Because of that, we try to provide the most affordable money transfer services in Canada.

All transfer fees are going towards payments to transfer your money through banks, or companies like Visa or Mastercard.

You can check our fees by using our fees calculator

If you use the Remitbee wallet or EFT payment method, all transfers of 500 CAD or more are completely FREE.

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Payment Type
Transfers < $500 CAD
Transfers > $500 CAD
 Remitbee Wallet 
(includes E-transfer, Bill payment) 
 $2.99 CAD  Free
 EFT  $2.99 CAD  Free
 Interac  $2.99 CAD  $2.99 CAD
 Visa Debit/Mastercard Debit  Starts from $2.99 CAD  $8.99+ CAD