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How to sign up for a RemitBee Business Account ?

To register a business to RemitBee, you need to be the owner or director of the business and be listed as such on official documents.

Note: If your business is an MSB (Money Service Business )- we are unable to open a business account on your behalf. Open a personal account instead.

The following documents will be asked from you:

-Information about your business -Business address documents -Business registration documents -Your personal information -Proof of your identity

Either of the following:

  1. Utility card statement
  2. Credit card statement
  3. Bank statement

Step-by-Step Business Account Registration

  1. Go to the signup page at
  2. Click business
  3. Add an email and password
  4. Add your phone number and verify it
  5. Click “Send Money”

Verifying Your Business Account

This will bring you to the account registration page. You will need to answer a few questions about your company Then upload a document that verifies your account address such as:

  • Utility card statement
  • Credit card statement
  • Bank statement

Then upload your businesses registration documents.

Then you will need to confirm your identity. You will need an ID such as a passport or provincial license.

This is a one-time process.

And then you’ll need to tell us about the ownership of the company and include details of any other owners or directors.

Once all documents are submitted it will take 24 hours for our support team to review all documents and verify your account.