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Have you been searching for a converter that can get you the greatest CAD and USD exchange rates in Canada? Well, your search is over! Remitbee’s Currency Exchange exchange offers the most competitive rates at zero fees!
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Transparency in a clouded industry

If you were to compare Remitbee’s transparency of rates and fees to those of our competitors, you’d see that we are clear water in a clouded industry. Isn’t it unfair that users aren’t able to see just how much their currency exchange costs them until after it’s gone through? Our transparency destroys that concept, because we’re founded on principles of honesty, integrity, and superior rates. We’re proud of what we offer, and we want you to be as well. That’s why everything is clearly shown from our end to yours, and you can see all our CAD to USD rates in our calculator.

For All Your Money Exchange Needs

Perfect for salary workers:

Expatriates, remote workers, and freelancers all often earn a currency different from that of the country they reside in. And these alternative working styles are only becoming more and more common, so you don’t want to lose out on a style that suits you just because of currency hurdles.

A 50k annual salary may lose $2,000 as it’s converted, just from currency exchange fees of banks or other converting services. With us, your currency exchange happens with the exact exchange rate and without any fees, which helps you save big time.


Ideal for foreign traders:

What’s the point of making a profit from investing if you lose it? For many Canadians investing in U.S. stocks, this is an all-to-familiar question they ask themselves. With services like Questrade charging 1.5-1.99% both ways for converting CAD to USD or vice versa, and banks charging 2.5% or more, it’s no wonder they’re feeling cheated.

But now investors can easily use Remitbee Currency Exchange for their conversions of currency, without worrying about unfair fees or hidden charges. For some perspective, we would help you save 2,000 CAD for 50,000 USD worth of stocks, money that would otherwise be unfairly taken for other exchange services.


Convenient for international students:

Whether you’re a Canadian in the USA or an American in Canada, tuition needs to be paid in local currency. That means you’ll need a converter for USD and CAD, and one that can handle huge amounts. If you don’t want to lose 1,200 USD paying for a 32,019 CAD tuition, you’ll need to look at better options.

That’s where we come in. With no hidden charges and zero fees, international currency exchange is more convenient and affordable than ever.


Advantageous for property buyers:

Whether you’re buying across the border because you’re a snowbird or looking to profit from investing in properties, big money purchases mean big decisions.

The average market price for a house in Canada last year was about 531,000 CAD. If you wanted to purchase real estate in that price range, you need to know that our competitors would gladly take 9,000 USD from you just to convert it.


Remitbee Currency Exchange Means:

10x better than your bank

Banks basically invented bad rates. They knew from long ago that most people don’t question the exchange rates they’re offered, even if those rates are lower than the real one. This has created a system of exploitation that every day we strive to fix. We encourage all users to run a simple Google search to find the real exchange rate, the Canadian dollar rate today, or maybe CAD/USD rate forecasts. Just type “usd to cad” or “cad to usd” to the results you need to stay informed!

No criminally-unfair fees

This isn’t a daylight robbery. It’s a currency exchange. We aren’t going to take your money, only convert it. So don’t worry about any fees, because you won’t find any with us as long as you’re exchanging over $10.

Canada-based company

As a Laval foreign exchange service, we are regulated and audited by FINTRAC. FINTRAC is the national financial intelligence agency of Canada, and it’s ability to uphold safety and integrity practices it’s one of the many reasons why we are proud to call Canada our roots. You can rest assured that we protect all our customers’ money and information.

Got questions?

Remitbee’s got an amazing customer support team that has received numerous positive customer service reviews on Trustpilot and Google. Contact us anytime with your questions, concerns, or issues.

Currency Exchange Near You

Quickly convert your Canadian dollars to US dollars anywhere

Our online currency exchange services skip the lines and make commuting to converting agencies obsolete. Just log in to our Android/iPhone app or web portal to access currency exchange in a flash! And because everything is a fully online currency exchange service, we use impenetrable data encryption to make it all fast and secure.

We also partner with all Canadian banks so that you can always conveniently access your bank accounts and send money or use our money converter service anytime and anywhere.


How to exchange currency in Laval in 6 easy steps:

Step 1. Create a free Remitbee account here.

Step 2. To keep your identity safe, verify you’re you through one of our many accessible authentication methods.

Step 3. Start your exchange by entering the amount and currency pair you’d like to convert.

Step 4. Connect your Canadian bank account for money deposit or withdrawal.

Step 5. Connect your United States bank account for money deposit or withdrawal.

Step 6. Your money will be quickly exchanged and deposited into your chosen account. Make sure to confirm this!

Laval Currency Exchange Services

The Aéroport de Laval is supported by the International Currency Exchange (ICE), which means that all money converting counters within the airport are operated by them. The airport also sports many ATMs from major Canadian banks.

Within the city of Laval you can also find numerous currency exchange options. There’s the Calforex Currency Exchange - Bureau de Change on Boulevard le Carrefour and ICE in that same area, and Globex 2000 Experts en Devises on Blvd le Corbusier. Devises Mondiales, CoinStation, Marsan Exchange, banks, and other online currency exchange services can also help with your currency exchange needs.

But many if not all of these options come with high fees or poor exchange rates, so use them with caution.


Money Transfers in Canada to 50+ Countries

Enjoy zero fees when you send over $500, or significantly low fees of $2.99 using Interac or $2.99-$6.99 using debit for transfers less than $500. Want to compare payment options? Click here.