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Get the most out of your money with exchange rates that beat those of major banks, and without a single fee! Here’s why Remitbee’s Currency Exchange service is the best in Canada.
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Fully Transparency for Rates and Fees

At Remitbee, transparency about exchanges and rates is one of the many ways we’re better than your bank or currency exchange counter. That’s why it's easy to use our CAD to USD calculator, and it’s easy really easy to see our fees because we have none!

No Matter What Your Reason, We’ve Got You Covered:

Converting your salary:

If you make 50k a year, in a currency different from where you actually work (ex. You’re a Canadian freelancer working for a United States company) you could be losing about two thousand dollars in currency exchange fees from banks or other converters. if you choose to continue using some of the more traditional foreign exchange providers like your bank.


Purchasing stocks:

The United States economy is always lucrative. Sometimes it booms, sometimes it slows, but it never stops. If you’re an investor with some interest in buying or selling U.S. stocks, you’ll need to convert your currency. Therein lies the problem. Questrade would love to take upwards of 2,000 CAD for every 50,000 USD, or 40 CAD for every 100 USD in stock profits or purchasing conversions. Don’t even get us started on what banks will take! Choose better. Choose Remitbee and get the best rates without any of the fees!


Paying tuition:

International students have it hard. Often away from family, often in an unfamiliar country, and often suffering under heavy tuition fees. We don’t want to make it any harder. When you need to convert your CAD to USD or vice versa to pay for your tuition, let us help. We’ll help you save thousands.


Buying homes:

We wouldn’t be the first to admit that Canadian winters can be harsh, and we certainly wouldn’t be the last. So if you periodically migrate further south in the winter, chances are you may want to invest in a home there. Or maybe the opposite is true, and you like to come up skiing every year. Whatever your reasons for buying a home across the border may be, if you come to us for your currency converting needs we’ll help you save thousands, directly proportional to your initial amount. $531,000, for example, would cost you $9,000 with another converter. With us, that’s money that stays in your own pocket.


Why Remitbee Currency Exchange?

10 times better than your average bank

Unfortunately, banks have gotten away with giving bad rates, because the average person won’t question what they’re being offered. In reality, the exchange rate they give you is a lot lower than the real exchange rate!

To check for yourself, all you need to do is google “usd to cad” or “cad to usd”, and the real exchange rate will be displayed!

No fees. No fees. No fees.

We’ll leave you to your currency exchange without a bother. Just convert a minimum of $10 between two currencies. Because did we mention no fees?

Canada-based and regulated

As a Burnaby foreign exchange service founded in Toronto, Canada, Remitbee’s home is here. That means we follow the ethical practices and guidelines of FINTRAC, the national financial intelligence agency of Canada. We want to keep the people of our home and our users safe, secure, and happy. So they can have peace of mind knowing their money is 100% protected.

Questions? Meet answers.

Experiencing problems? We’ll get you solutions. Got concerns? We’ve got assurances. Our fantastic customer service team is just a phone call away. And they're happy to help! Our customer service reviews on Trustpilot and Google don’t lie!

Currency Exchange Near You

Time is Money, Right?

We won’t waste yours. Say goodbye to commuting and standing in long lines. Remitbee’s Currency Exchange service is online and securely encrypted for your convenience! Just download our Android/iPhone app or head to our website to get started! We also partner with all major banks in the country, making connecting your bank account a seamless process so you can send money or use our money converter service without a hitch.


3 Easy Steps to Convert Currency

Step 1. Create your Remitbee account: To use our service, you’ll need to create your own free account. Next, to maintain security within our service, we ask that all users verify their identity. Don’t worry, it’s easy and we have many options you can choose from!

Step 2. Start your exchange: After you enter the amount and currency pair you want to exchange, add your Canadian and American bank account to correspond with the withdrawal or deposit of currency for your exchange.

Step 3. Confirm: Remitbee currency exchange occurs immediately. Confirm the results, then say “That was easy.” We mean, you don’t have to, but that was pretty easy, right?

Alternative Currency Exchange Services in Burnaby

The Vancouver International Airport is a short distance from Burnaby, and within it BC’s only 24-hour currency exchange, ICE Currency Services offers travel cheques, travel insurance, calling cards, fax and photocopy services at eight airport locations. Within the airport you can also find various bank ATMs, but you should be aware that because this location targets both tourists and travellers, their rates and fees may not be ideal.

Within Burnaby you can find Happy Currency Exchange Inc., VBCE, Crystal Currency Exchange, Money Mart, Kingmark Currency Exchange, your choice of Canadian bank, and various other foreign exchange providers.

But do they have the best rates? Do they have no fees? With Remitbee, the answer is yes. Many others can’t say the same.


Great Deals for International Money Transfers

Remitbee also offers great deals for international currency exchanges from Canada to over 50 different destinations. Our users can enjoy zero fees when sending $500+ dollars, or very low fees of $2.99 using Interac or $2.99-$6.99 using debit for amounts less than $500. Interested? See our fee calculator for all our payment options.