TD Bank Currency Exchange

TD Bank CAD to USD/ USD to CAD Exchange Rate Overview

TD Bank states that its rates change throughout the day. It has two rates: cash and non cash.

Non cash is for transfers, deposits, cheques, drafts, and other transactions in which no physical foreign currency is exchanged. TD Bank also uses the non-cash rate when you pay on your TD U.S. Dollar credit card balance.

Cash on the other hand is for the purchase and sale of physical foreign currency in cash. Non-cash rates are usually better for you than cash rates. This represents the costs and uncertainties of shipping, handling, and storing cash in foreign currency.


How does TD Bank’s currency exchange work?

- You buy foreign currency in cash from them
- They buy foreign currency in cash from you
- They receive a wire transfer or a cheque deposit in a foreign currency

As the bank says itself: How do we set our exchange rates? For each foreign currency purchase where we set the exchange rate, the exchange rate we use is a retail exchange rate

What they call the retail exchange rate is actually the mid-market rate plus a margin added on top for their profit. All consumer banks do this in order to make money on your currency exchange transactions.

Banks usually use a rate known as the mid-market rate to swap currency with other banks. However, they do not give this lower rate to their customers. Instead, they add a margin to the exchange rate to make a profit. They also tack on additional fees, such as a cash processing fee or an international transaction fee..

How to Exchange Currency with TD Bank

TD Bank offers three ways to order foreign currency.

Order through EasyWeb

You can place an order through online banking for pick-up within 3-5 business days at your preferred TD branch. When you return from your trip, you can also exchange your unspent foreign currency cash at any TD branch.


Order by phone: call EasyLine

Call the bank at 1-866-222-3456 to order foreign currency cash for pick-up at your chosen branch within 3-5 business days.


Order from a branch

Many TD locations have USD (as well as euros and pounds sterling) available. Other foreign currencies can be ordered and shipped within 3-5 business days to your chosen TD branch. TD Bank also has a number of TD Foreign Exchange Centres in a number of provinces. In the following cities you can get foreign currency in person immediately: Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby, Halifax, Brampton, Ottawa, Kitchener, and Montreal.



If you have a registered account with Scotiabank you can withdraw from the US side at one of their ATMs if it has US currency. If you hold any type of account with the bank, you can go to a branch to get foreign currency as well.


How to Exchange in TD Bank accounts with Remitbee

Step 1

Create an account by entering your email address and selecting a password at You will be asked to confirm your Canadian phone number. Enter your Personal Information including name and address.

Step 2

From the menu, select Exchange Currency. Now enter the details of your currency exchange, depending on your exchange amount further verification may be required.

Step 3

Connect your CAD and USD bank accounts

Step 4

Choose the amount and confirm your exchange rate. The entire transaction takes place between your own two currency accounts via EFT

Step 5

Convert your money! You can see all of your transactions in future by going to the Dashboard and clicking on the Transactions tab.

Wondering how much you can get? Try our currency exchange calculator!

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Alternatives to TD Bank’s Foreign Exchange Rate

TD Bank may not be the best choice for everyone when it comes to buying foreign currency. It’s possible to save money on fees for your Canadian dollar to US dollar exchange. You may also find another service to be more convenient than using your bank. Customers have a number of currency exchange alternatives to TD Bank.

- Another Bank
- Online Currency Exchange
- Airport Kiosks or Stores
- ATMs in the US or Overseas.


Why is Remitbee the best place to convert?

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Frequently Asked Questions

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