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How to add new receiving method?

Remitbee offers three main receiving methods for money transfers – Bank deposit (for all the countries), cash pick up and cash delivery are available for some countries or regions.

If you have a few receiving methods for one recipient, you can switch between them during each money transfer. The last used receiving method will a default one for the next transfer

You can add a new receiving method for existing recipients in two different ways.

During the Money Transfer

  1. Initiate a new money transfer by clicking “Send money” in your dashboard or go to the “Send money” section from the main menu.
  2. Select the recipient you want to send money to and you will be transferred to the “Transfer details screen”.
  3. Enter the amount you want to transfer and scroll down to select the receiving method. Here you should see the “Add new” button to add a new receiving method.
  4. Select one of the available receiving methods and follow the instructions.
  5. Once you enter all the data you can continue your money transfer. New receiving methods will be added to your recipient and will be selected as default for your next transfers.

Add new receiving method through the recipient details:

  1. Go to the main menu on the left side and select the "Recipients” page.
  2. You should see the list of all your recipients. Click the edit button for the recipient you want to add a receiving method to.
  3. After that, you should see a screen with your recipient data. Scroll down to receiving methods and click add new.
  4. Follow the instructions, fill up all the information and hit save. New receiving method was added, and it automatically will be a default one during the next transfer.