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What is RemitBee?

What is RemitBee?

RemitBee is a simple, quick, and easy-to-use online money transferring and currency exchange platform. We help you send money to family and friends safely and securely from Canada to anywhere in the world. We’re committed to providing the best rates and low fees.

Access RemitBee through App or Web

The RemitBee App is simple yet highly functional. It is easy to install, and its interface is user-friendly. Whether you are young or old, using our app for money transfer and currency exchange is a breeze.

To date, you can send money from Canada using RemitBee to the following countries: France, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Australia, Singapore, United States, Vietnam, Malaysia, Norway, Germany, Chech Republic, Denmark, Hungary, Poland, Sweden, Spain, Netherlands, New Zealand, Philippines, Luxembourg, United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, Japan, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Thailand, Côte d'Ivoire, Tanzania, and many more.

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