The Greatest CAD to USD Currency Exchange in Pickering

Do you want better currency exchange rates, without any charges stacked on top? If so, you’re going to want to check out our CAD to USD currency converter, because it’s exactly what you need!

Our exchange fee: 0.00 CAD

Nothing Hidden from You

Remitbee’s CAD to USD calculator has a fully transparent system. That means what you see it was you get. So when you see the best exchange rates between CAD to USD (which we can promise you will), that’s what you’ll get, and when you see no fees, that really means no fees — hidden or otherwise!

The Perfect Money Exchange Solution For:

International Employees:

Outsourcing and remote work across borders is becoming increasingly more common, especially between Canada and the U.S. So if you’ve got a salary that’s in a different currency from where you live and need to convert it, Remitbee is the best solution to help you save thousands of dollars in currency exchange fees!


Stock Market Investors:

Who doesn’t want to make a profit, right? If you’ve done your research, invested, and made some profit yourself in a currency different from your bank account, don’t let third-parties profit off of it too! With Questrade and banks charging 1.5% to upwards of 2.5% for currency exchanges for stock and other purposes, your thousands will become their thousands if you’re not careful! That’s why Remitbee’s zero fee currency exchange is the perfect solution!


Students Abroad:

It’s no secret that university tuition is often getting more and more expensive. Just last year, international students studying in Canada paid on average 32,019 CAD! If, for example, you’re an American student facing such tuition fees and need to run your USD through a converter to pay for it, depending on your converting service you could lose 1,200 USD just for charges! With us, international currency exchange is a solution to paying tuition, not another problem.


Real Estate Buyers:

“Home” means something different to everyone, but even across cultures, countries, and eras, it tends to start with the place you live. An investment into a good home is an investment into yourself, which is why many seek to buy nice real estate in a place they like, with a good price point, whether they are regular home buyers, snowbirds, real estate agents, or something else. Let us help you save instead of lose thousands when you convert your currency for your home purchase abroad!


How We’re Different

We’re 10x better than a bank

Unlike banks and their horrible rates, Remitbee offers real exchange rates that are updated constantly to match markets. With us, the Canadian dollar rate today, tomorrow, and a year from now will always be accurate and true, so if you’re especially keeping an eye on CAD/USD rate forecasts, you’ll really want to make use of our service!

We’re Committed to No Fees

We want to provide a service our users can trust and rely on, which is why we’ve promised to keep our currency exchange service fee-free so long as you exchange a minimum of only $10.

We’re Canadian

As a Pickering foreign exchange service, we are regulated and audited by FINTRAC, the national financial intelligence agency of Canada. That means we uphold standards of security and integrity that may differ from other international currency exchange services that may overlook those same values.

We’re Happy to Help

Everyone has a horrible customer service experience, regardless of if you’ve been on the customer or the service side. At Remitbee, those negative experiences are non-existent, because we have an all-star team of customer service professionals that are always happy to help solve any of your questions! As a result, we’re proud to say we’ve amassed a great deal of positive customer service reviews on Trustpilot, Google, and app stores!

A Currency Exchange at Your Fingertips

Commuting to exchange counters and banks and waiting in long lines? Those are things of the past at Remitbee, where our fully online currency exchange service makes it possible to get our great deals wherever you are. And we’re completely compatible with every major bank in Canada, so that users can connect their bank accounts with ease.


How to Use Our Currency Exchange

Step 1. Create a free Remibtee account.

Step 2. Verify your identity with one of our many quick and accessible authentication procedures.

Step 3. Start your exchange by entering the amount and currency pair of your choosing.

Step 4. Connect your Canadian bank account for CAD withdrawal or deposit.

Step 5. Connect your US bank account for USD withdrawal or deposit.

Step 6. Confirm our automatic currency conversion by checking your accounts!

Other Exchange Options in Pickering

Want to compare currency exchange options? The city of Pickering, Ontario, has many Canadian banks with currency exchange options available. There’s also the Continental Currency Exchange store in the Pickering Town Centre, if you’re interested in options outside of banks.

Online International Currency Exchange is generally available around the world, and Pickering should be no exception for services like XE, Knightsbridge Foreign Exchange, and OFX , but we encourage all currency exchange users to always look closely at the exchange rates they are being offered and the fees — hidden or otherwise — that they may encounter. We hope you’ll see that compared to other services, our online currency exchange offers the greatest deals!

Interested in Using the Best Money Transfer Service in Canada?

Remitbee also offers a fantastic and affordable money transfer service across Canada and to over 50+ destinations. It offers absolutely no fees for transfers greater than $500, and very low fees for those less than that! To learn more about payment options for the service, see our fee calculator.


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Frequently Asked Questions

When you avail yourself of RemitBee’s currency exchange services, you avoid low exchange rates, high bank fees, and lengthy queues.

You can exchange USD to CAD or vice versa using RemitBee for free!

Yes. RemitBee has a daily transaction restriction of up to $250,000 every day if your account is verified. If your RemitBee account is verified as a commercial account, you can exchange up to $1,000,000 in one day.

No. RemitBee operates 100% online. You can perform currency exchange transactions using your smartphone or personal computer by downloading the RemitBee app or visiting the RemitBee website (

Since RemitBee operates 100% online, you just need to link your Canadian bank account with your RemitBee account so that we can take our put the money you are going to exchange in that account.