Need A Great Currency Exchange Service in Okanagan? Remibee’s Got You Covered.

The greatest exchange rates in Canada with absolutely no fees. Need we say more?

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Okanagan Currency Exchange Calculations

First things first, check out our CAD to USD calculator. Through it, you’ll see that we go above and beyond what banks or exchange counters supply and provide our users with the competitive exchange rates they actually want. We’re transparent about it, so you know where the exchange rates are coming from, and we don’t lie about fees, because we don’t have any!

A Converter for All Your Currency Needs:

For the need to convert your salary:

A good portion of employees in Canada are actually employed by American companies. This means that their gig, contract, freelance, or other work may be charged as a USD salary. And if that’s the case for you, you’ll need to convert it.

To help you understand the importance of choosing the right convert for your currency exchange needs, let’s create some context. Let’s say you earn a 50k salary per year you need to convert from USD to CAD. With Remitbee, you save $2,000. That’s $2,000 other foreign exchange converters would actually take from you through currency exchange fees.


For the need to buy stocks:

Many IPOs only accept purchases of stocks in the currency the company operates in. Which means Canadian investors who want to purchase U.S. stocks need to do so with USD, and it may also mean that profits from those stocks come back to investors in that same currency.

So money needs to be converted to go in, and potentially to come back into your pocket too. Questrade would charge you 1.5% to 1.99% for converting that CAD to USD or vice versa, both ways. A bank would charge 2.5% in comparison, and Remitbee? We wouldn’t charge you a cent.

So you decide. Would you rather lose 40 CAD converting $1,000 worth of American stocks and 2,000 CAD from $50,000 worth? Or would you rather lose nothing with Remitbee?


For the need to pay tuition:

Both Canadian students in the U.S. and American students in Canada have to pay tuition using the currency of the country they are studying in. That means big conversions between CAD and USD, and big cuts out of it all if banks or alternative converters get their hands on it all. With Canadian international tuition fees costing upwards of 32,019 CAD, that’s $1,200 USD you may not see again.

Paying tuition is hard enough as-is. With Remitbee, international currency exchange works with you, not against you. No additional charges. No added fees. Just conversion. Simple.


For the need to purchase property:

Snowbirds down south, real estate agents, new home buyers. They all have to deal with large property fees for renting, buying, or leasing. If these individuals are from another country, they’ll need a conversion service to proceed. With Remitbee Currency exchange, we help you save thousands of dollars for these types of transactions.


Why Choose Remitbee?

10 times better than any bank

Our exchange rates are real and constantly updated to match the market. The ones banks give you? Those are often lower than the market, and come with some mean additional fees and charges. Just the numbers yourself by doing a Google search to find the real exchange rate, the Canadian dollar rate today, or even CAD/USD rate forecasts. “Usd to cad” or “cad to usd” will also get you the results you need to make an informed decision.

No fees and no additional charges

Period. All you’ve got to do is send a minimum of only $10 in the exchange. That’s it.

Safety first

As a Okanagan foreign exchange service founded in Canada, we uphold the standards and safe practices of FINTRAC, the national financial intelligence agency of Canada. That means your money is safe, secure, and tamper-free with us.

We’re here for you

Our customer service team cares just as much as we do in fulfilling the needs of our customers. They’re just a phone call away for any problem, issue, or concern you may have. But we’ll let the positive customer service reviews on Trustpilot and Google do the rest of the talking.

Quick conversion from anywhere

Skip the commute. Skip the lines.

Remitbee has partnered with every major Canadian bank to give users the reliability and convenience to send or use our online currency exchange service from anywhere and anytime, no matter which bank they’re with. All you have to do is access the service online or via app through a reliable internet connection. Top-of-the-line encryption on our end ensures that all your information and data stays safe as well.


How to Use Remitbee’s Currency Exchange

Step 1. Create your free account: Start the process by clicking here. You’ll need to authenticate your identity as well. This ensures the safety of our service.

Step 2. Set it up: Enter the amount of money and the currency you’d like to convert.

Step 3. Connect CAD currency account: Connect the bank account for depositing your CAD into or paying CAD with.

Step 4. Connect USD currency account: Connect the bank account for depositing your USD into or paying USD with.

Step 5. Complete your exchange: Your money will be exchanged immediately, then deposited into your bank account.

More currency exchange services in Okanagan

Kelowna is a major part of the Okanagan area and valley. Within it, there is the Kelowna International Airport, which contains multiple ATMs for currency exchange. Within the city you’ll find the nearest International Currency Exchange (ICE) branch in the Orchard Park Shopping Centre. On Pandosy Street there’s the FIRMA Foreign Exchange Corporation, and Harvey Avenue is home to the Olympia Trust Company.

All in all though, the best exchange rates in Kelowna and the greater Okanagan area for CAD and USD can be found through Remitbee. We’ve got the most competitive exchange rates, and the lowest fees (none) in the business!

We Support Money Transfers Too!

Remitbee supports money transfers to over 50 countries, some of which include the United States, France, Pakistan, India, and Sri Lanka. What’s more, all transfers above $500 are free of charge! Anything less will have fees according to payment type, but don’t worry, we make sure those are very low as well! See all our payment options here.

In 2019, Remitbee was recognized by Toronto Finance International as one of the top FinTech companies in the area, recognizing our service in the remittance industry!