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We strive to make sure all of our customers can get the most out of their money using Remitbee Online Currency Exchange, with dependably better exchange rates than top banks.
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Using our CAD to USD calculator, we’ve tried to make it as easy as possible for you to see exactly how much you’ll get with Remitbee, with no hidden fees, costs, or unfair rates. We encourage you to compare our rates with other currency exchange services in the area, to make sure you’re getting the most out of your money!

We think it’s very unfair that in such uncertain economic times some financial intuitions can charge such unfair fees and offer such poor rates. We’re working hard to become an affordable and accessible option for all!

Looking to exchange CAD and USD? If any of these statements apply to you, Remitbee might be the perfect solution:

I’m Canadian but get paid in USD by my American employer

There are many individuals who are now in this position because of the rise of freelancing, contracting, and remote work. You’ll want to make sure that when you choose a currency exchange service to use to convert that you aren’t losing out on any hard-earned money due to high exchange fees!

To put this in perspective, if you use a traditional currency exchange service or bank, you could be losing around $2,000 in just currency exchange fees if you make a 50k salary annually.


I buy US stocks as a Canadian

Buying stocks has become much more mainstream recently, so it makes sense for Canadians to invest in the US stock market! However, you will want to make sure that you’re getting the most out of your profits and aren’t losing out because of bad exchange rates.

For many years, the most popular option for Canadians exchanging USD and CAD has been Questrade. Questrade’s fees are much lower than bank rates (1.55-1.99% compared to 2.5% each way). However, Remitbee Online Currency Exchange charges zero fees when you exchange!

It might not make sense for you to make the switch to Remitbee if you are only going to invest a small sum in your life because you’ll only save about $4. However, if you start investing in the thousands, you’ll really begin to see your savings.
Here’s how much you could be losing in currency exchange fees if you use Questrade:
- If you buy $1000 worth of US stocks, you could lose about $40 CAD profit
- If you buy $50,000 worth of US stocks you could lose about $2,000 CAD profit


I’m a Canadian paying international tuition in the US” (or vice versa)

Paying tuition is no small amount of money, especially if you’re an international student. In fact, in 2020-2021, the average tuition fee for international students was $32,019 CAD! So, when you’re exchanging your money to pay for education abroad, you will want to choose your currency exchange service wisely.

For instance, you could be losing almost $1,200 USD per year solely because you chose a financial institution like your bank to exchange! (according to March 4, 2021’s exchange rate when you convert USD to CAD)


I purchase property in the US as a Canadian” (or vice versa)

Property investors and snowbirds alike are in need of a good currency exchange service when purchasing property on either side of the border. The key is to make sure that whichever foreign exchange service you choose does not profit too much off of your purchase!

The average home price in Canada in 2020 was $531,000 CAD, which means that high fees or unfair rates will definitely make an impact in terms of how much money you’ll actually pay. With Remitbee Online Currency Exchange, you could save over $9,000 USD on this purchase, compared to most top banks.


Choose Remitbee! Here’s why:

10x better than banks

For years and years, banks have been able to get away with offering bad rates, just because they know that most customers won’t question what they are offered. In reality, banks offer a much lower exchange rate than the real rate, which causes customers to lose out on more of their money than they should. To see the real exchange rate on a given day, just search, “usd to cad” or “cad to usd”!

You heard us right - we charge zero fees!

Competitive rates are not the only thing we offer! Enjoy zero fees when you send a minimum of $10 between a currency pair.

Toronto-based company

We’re excited to be opening our services up to currency exchange, and continue to serve Canadians from all over the country! Because security is important to us, we are regulated and audited by FINTRAC, an agency of Canada’s government, so you know your money is protected!

Have questions, comments or concerns? Call us!

We know the frustration of poor customer service. We’re sure that you’ll have a great experience with our customer experience team, and that your issue will be solved as swiftly as possible! If you’d like to see what our existing customers say about us, check out our awesome reviews on Trustpilot and Google!

Currency Exchange Near You

We have prioritized convenience by developing an easy and reliable app for all of your currency exchange needs.

The Remitbee mobile app is the most simple and reliable way to exchange currencies, and is available on the Google Play and Apple store! No need to wait in long lines or visit in-person stores to exchange - our online service is data encrypted so your exchanges are safe, secure, and fast!

On top of that, we are also partnered with all major Canadian banks, so you can very easily and reliably exchange your money, hassle-free.


Exchanging money with Remitbee is easy! Here’s how it works:

Step 1. Create your free Remitbee account here

Step 2. Verify your identity so we can keep your account safe

Step 3. Start exchanging by selecting the currency pair and amount of money you’d like to exchange

Step 4. Connect the Canadian bank account you would like to deposit CAD into or pay CAD with

Step 5. Connect the American bank account you would like to deposit USD into or pay USD with

Step 6. Confirm your exchange! We will automatically exchange and deposit it for you

More information about Currency Exchange in Niagara Falls

There are many local services in Brampton that allow you to exchange currency. there are many Cash Money locations, as well as bank branches from many of the top Canadian banks, which makes it easy to exchange money. Just off of Main Street South and Highway 407, there are three currency exchange locations: Money Transfer to India, TD foreign Exchange, and Cash money.

Aside from strictly currency exchange services, there are also bank and ATM locations of nearly all major Canadian banks. Located centrally along Ferry Street there are RBC, Scotiabank, CIBC, and TD bank locations, which make it very easy for anyone living in Niagara Falls, or visiting the city, to exchange currency through their banking provider.

Although there are many options for exchanging currency in Niagara Falls, all of these locations require in-person exchanges that can be subject to long wait times or waiting in line. With the Remitbee mobile app, you can exchange anytime, anywhere, which makes it the most convenient option. On top of that, you know you’ll get the most competitive rates with no hidden fees, which makes us stand out from other foreign exchange services. Try Remitbee today!

Not only can you exchange currency with us, but you can also transfer money to over 50 locations!

If you’re in need of a reliable money transfer service, choose Remitbee! Send money to over 50 locations including Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and India for $0 when you send over $500! If you’re sending less than $500, you can still enjoy low fees between $2.99-$6.99, depending on the sending method you choose. To compare our options for sending, check out our fee calculator!

Remitbee was also recognized by Toronto Finance International as one of the top FinTech companies in the area in 2019! We’re proud to offer Canadians affordable, swift, and easy services so that they can get back to the things that really matter. With no hidden fees or costs, we’re a top choice for many Canadians.