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Stack our rates against other Edmonton currency exchange services. We can’t lose.

Remitbee makes it easy as can be for you to see all you’ll get when you exchange currency with us, just see our CAD to USD calculator. We’re absolutely transparent about this because we’re honest and proud of our own exchange rates. So go ahead and compare us with other Edmonton money exchanges. Who really gives you the best exchange rates?

For us, and for many of our users, we’ve too long thought it was unjust that certain financial institutions always charge such high fees. So our company works to disrupt that system and make it affordable for all to exchange currency and transfer money abroad.

Remitbee online money exchange is your solution if:

You’re a Canadian resident earning income in USD:

Working in person is a thing of the past. Yes, many do it. But it’s increasingly common to get contract or freelance work, and for many Canadians, this is how they earn their salary. But you don’t want to lose a cut of that salary, right?

Let’s look at an example situation. Let’s say you make a 50k salary per year. With a bank service, $2,000 of your money would go down the drain because of absurd or hidden currency exchange fees.


You buy US stocks from Canada:

Many of the biggest companies in the world are American. As a Canadian investor, maybe you’ll want to get in on some US stocks as well. Before us, a “good” option for converting your CAD to USD and vice versa meant using services like Questrade, and losing 1.5-1.99% both ways. The bank option was even worse, with about 2.5% being lost in conversions.

Here’s a snapshot of what your investment conversions would look like with Questrade fees:
- $1000 worth of US stocks = 40 CAD loss -$50,000 worth of US stocks = 2,000 CAD loss

But now you can use Remitbee’s Currency Exchange and exchange with 100% zero fees.

For a trade of only $100 in one lifetime, that’s not much to compare. It’d be about $4. But once you go big, and start putting thousands into stocks, other converters will begin taking huge chunks out of your potential profits.


You’re a Canadian or an American paying tuition abroad:

International student costs can be heavy. For example, last year Canada's average tuition fees for international students amounted to 32,019 CAD. That money out of pocket hurts a lot more if you’re losing a great deal more while converting your CAD to USD, or your USD to CAD.

For instance, you could be losing $1200 USD a year from unfair exchange rates from banks. (according to March 4, 2021’s exchange rate when you convert USD to CAD or convert CAD to USD).

With us, international currency exchange doesn’t have to be another assignment you have to sweat over.


You purchase property on either side of the border:

Got your eye on a property across the Niagara Falls? Maybe you want a place for the times when winter is a little too cold to bear, and your snowbird wings would rather fly down south. Or maybe a good residential market is booming. Whatever the case may be, buying real estate is a huge decision for many of us. And you want to make sure that when you make that decision, it’s in your best interest, and not in the interest of someone who can sneakily profit off of your large currency conversion.

In 2021, Canadian homes had an average price of 531,000 CAD. You could be saving $9,000 USD in purchasing one if you use Remitbee’s currency exchange.


What makes Remitbee the best for my currency exchange?

10x better than the average bank

Bad rates and banks. It’s very, very hard to seperate the two. And that comes from the fact that many bank customers trust their institutions to operate in their best interest, so they won’t question the exchange rates they get.

We always encourage users to run their own Google search to find the real exchange rate, the Canadian dollar rate today, or even CAD/USD rate forecasts. Typing “usd to cad” or “cad to usd” will get you the results.

No fees. Period.

Enjoy zero fees when you exchange over $10 between CAD and USD.


FINTRAC is the national financial intelligence agency of Canada. As a Canadian company, we proudly uphold all regulations and support audits from the Canadian government. With our service running through Edmonton and Canada, we want all of our users to have peace of mind that their information and money are always protected.

Meet our amazing support team

No generic replies. No rehearsed answers. Always helpful and always looking to make the user experience better, we’ll let the positive customer service reviews on Trustpilot and Google speak for themselves.

Convert Canadian dollars to US dollars with a single click

Skip the commute. Skip the long lines. With our website or our mobile app, we are wherever you need us to be, whenever you need us. And because we are a completely online currency exchange platform, we use impenetrable data encryption so we can always be secure for our users.

All major Canadian banks are partnered with Remitbee, so whichever one you use, we’ve got you covered, whether you want to use our money converter or send your money abroad!


6 Steps to Exchanging Currency in Edmonton:

Step 1. Make your free account: Click here to make a free account with us. This will make it easy any time you’d like to use our service again!

Step 2. Confirm it’s really you: To keep everything within Remitbee’s platform safe and secure, we provide our users with multiple options for confirming their identities.

Step 3. Begin exchanging: Use our straightforward and simple interface to easily enter the amount of currency you want to exchange and what you’d like to exchange your money to.

Step 4. Add your bank account in Canada: This is the Canadian bank account you’ll convert money from or deposit money into.

Step 5. Now add your US bank account: This is your bank account in the United States, where you’ll convert money from or deposit money into.

Step 6. Review and confirm: After making sure all your information and inputs are correct, confirm your exchange! Currency conversions through Remitbee process immediately and are swiftly deposited into user bank accounts.

Edmonton Currency Exchange Alternatives

At the Edmonton International Airport, there are four currency exchange counters, which are handled by the International Currency Exchange (ICE). Within the airport, you’ll also find various ATMs from major banks. But please remember that providers like these often provide poor rates and high fees.

Within the city of Edmonton you’ll find currency exchange service providers like Calforex Currency Exchange, which is located in the Southgate Center, Knightsbridge Foreign Exchange, Olympia Trust Currency & Global Payments Edmonton, Calforex, and FIRMA Foreign Exchange Corporation.

On your computer and on the go, you can always access Remitbee Currency Exchange anywhere in Edmonton where you can get internet access. And remember, our rates can’t be beat!

Want to send a money transfer from Canada? We’ve got 50+ destinations you can choose from.

We have zero fees for sending over $500, and low fees under $500, so you can always count on us for very competitive exchange rates. Our fee calculator will help you if you’d like to compare options.

We’re Proud to Bee
Remitbee was recognized by Toronto Finance International in 2019 as one of the top FinTech companies in the Toronto area. We take that pride with us in our operations through Canada.