Where to Give Zakat in 2022

By Remitbee - Mar 22, 2022

During Ramadan, all Muslims, regardless of age or gender, must make a charitable donation known as Zakat al Fitr, or Fitrana. It is based on Islam's third pillar, which promotes charitable giving to please God.

Zakat al Fitr is widely known as the "breaking of fast." Every household member is obligated to pay Zakat al Fitr. When a dependent is unable to pay, the family's head of household is obliged to contribute on their behalf.

The only exception is for those who cannot afford the necessities of life on Eid, such as food, housing, and clothing.

How much zakat should I pay? During Ramadan, every Muslim should contribute Zakat al Fitr before the Eid prayer. The amount paid is the current price of a single meal of your staple food and is subject to vary each year.

One Sa' of food (equal to 3kgs) is the bare minimum expected of anyone giving Zakat al Fitr.

When Do I have to pay Zakat?

It is essential to distinguish between Zakat al Fitr and Zakat. All Muslims customarily pay the former before Eid Prayers during Ramadan, and the latter is paid by qualifying Muslims once a lunar year.

Where Can I Donate Zakat?

If you're looking for a place to contribute to your Zakat, there are various reliable organizations.

International Development And Relief Foundation (IDRF)

IDRF is a charitable organization registered in Canada. During Ramadan, the group receives a large amount of Zakat donations.

They provide humanitarian assistance and support sustainable development projects in various nations worldwide. The charity will use the following criteria to channel your Zakat gifts to the poor and needy.

  • Food and nutrition
  • Water, hygiene, and sanitation
  • Education and health

Islamic Relief Canada

Islamic Relief Canada is primarily responsible for distributing Zakat donations to the underprivileged and needy.

The majority of these donations go to healthcare, education, water & sanitation, and essential services. Muslims Implementing Zakat Associated Network (MIZAN) MIZAN mizan.ca/ is an association that solely dedicates itself to the collection and distribution of Zakat within Canada. Here are some of the projects that they are involved in;

  • Reduce hunger and poverty in Canadian communities.
  • To defend human dignity, join forces with other registered Canadian organizations.
  • They meet the most basic requirements of those in need.
  • They Provide services solely to administer Zakat in Canada.

4. Transparent Hands

Transparent Hands is a crowdfunding platform that strives to provide healthcare services for needy communities in Pakistan. They specialize in medical and surgical treatments and organize free medical camps.

They bring together billions of donors worldwide to help fund procedures for individuals who cannot afford them. As seen by the hospital invoices uploaded on their website, their funding method is transparent.

By sending them your Zakat donations, you are assisting them in achieving this goal.

5. Canada Zakat

They assist in repaying personal debts for persons who may have incurred them to meet their necessities but cannot pay. Those who are poor and needy, particularly those from the Muslim community, are based in Canada. They also work to aid those who are impoverished and in need regardless of their religious identity.

6. Muslim Hands

Muslim hand has been able to complete projects in more than 30 nations worldwide. You become a part of the organization's life-saving projects when you donate your Zakat.

7. Muslim Aid

Another fantastic charity to which you may donate your Zakat is Muslim Aid. This organization has funded the following initiatives worldwide for over 35 years.

  • They provide financial support, skills and training, and education to widows and orphans.
  • Help in delivering sustainable water and sanitation to areas affected by drought.
  • They ensure that people suffering from hunger and extreme poverty have enough nourishing food to eat.
  • Provision of access to urgent medical care for those caught in conflict and crossfire.
  • The Organization ensures adequate shelter for those displaced from their homes.

8. National Zakat Foundation

NZF as its popularly known, assists Muslims in need in the United Kingdom by enabling the provision of food, shelter, and clothing. The organization gives you the choice of allocating your donations in whatever way you want.

You have three options for allocating your zakat:

  • Hardship relief
  • Education
  • Housing and work

9. Human Concern International

Human Concern International is another fantastic place to donate your Zakat al Fitr. The organization works on the following initiatives in over 40 countries:

They give food security to disadvantaged families and orphans by supplying sheep or cows to consume or sell their milk. They provide interest-free loans to widows from low-income families to create businesses that will provide them with a source of income. In impoverished villages, they construct wells and latrines. Aid in the construction of schools in low-income areas so that children can receive a good education.

10. Human Relief Foundation

The (Human Relief Foundation)https://www.hrf.org.uk/zakat/ aims to reach out to individuals in desperate need to alleviate pain, poverty, and misery. They assist victims of natural catastrophes, violence, instability, and conflict.

The charity strives to keep its operating costs as low as possible so that 100% of your Zakat donations go to the intended recipients. You can even choose which countries should receive your Zakat contributions.


Giving Zakat is beneficial to both the receiver and the giver. It not only purifies your wealth, but it also multiplies your life's blessings.

One thing to keep in mind is that you cannot offer your Zakat al Fitr to members of your immediate family.

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