Ramadan 2022 Do’s and Don’ts

By Remitbee - Mar 25, 2022

Ramadan 2022 will take place from April 2 to May 2. This month-long religious celebration is among the holiest occasions for Muslims all around the world. Wherever Muslims may be, either in their home country or abroad, such as Muslims in Canada, the practice of Ramadan is the same.

Considered one of the Five Pillars of Islam, Ramadan is observed to detoxify one's soul and make himself closer to Allah. Ramadan is a time for spiritual reflection, self-control, worship, and universal brotherhood. To personally benefit from the goal of observing Ramadan, Muslims need to follow certain practices for this month-long holy observance.

In this article, we will discuss the rules that Muslims follow this Ramadan 2022:

What Not to Do During Ramadan

1. Don’t waste time on unimportant things

Muslims who celebrate Ramadan in Canada and outside Muslim countries expect that work and school hours may not be reduced. While still doing your day-to-day task, it is essential to refrain from doing other unnecessary things such as watching TV, oversleeping, playing games, or shopping during Ramadan. Instead, use the extra time to pray and recite the Quran.

2.Don’t listen to loud music

If you want to listen to songs during Ramadan but you are surrounded by family and friends who also practice the Muslim faith, it would be best to play music using your headphones. That way, it will be only audible to you and not cause any distractions on others who surround you. This will help them focus on their spiritual goals this Ramadan.

3. Don’t consume food and water during the fasting period

Abstain from drinking and eating from dawn to dusk during Ramadan. Drinking medicine is also considered breaking fast, so it’s best not to drink medicine if you are fasting during Ramadan. However, if your health is at stake, you may be exempted from the practice of fasting during Ramadan. Children, pregnant women, and elderly ones are often exempted from fasting.

4. Don’t chew gum and smoke

Ramadan is not a time for self-indulgence, so it is best to skip any vice you have during this month. Even chewing gum during the hours of fast in Ramadan is considered breaking your fast.

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Things to Do during Ramadan

1. Prepare your home

Since Ramadan is about purification, it would be best to start the month by cleaning your home and preparing it, especially if you plan on inviting family and friends over for iftar or the snack eaten to break the fast after sundown.

Decluttering your home is also an ideal practice to discover home items that are still useful that you are not using anymore. Instead of keeping them, why not donate them to those in need? That way, you can also perform charity which is another practice during Ramadan.

2. Do charity

Zakat or charity work is one of the Five Pillars of Islam. During Ramadan, financially able Muslims offer a certain percentage of their wealth to those in need. However, if you are not financially able to do so, you can still perform Zakat by donating food, money in any amount that you can, or the things you don’t use anymore at home to those in need. If you don’t particularly know anyone you can help, you can always join the charity drives in your community during Ramadan.

3. Observe fast

Fasting is one of the main activities during Ramadan as it is also one of the best practices in the Islamic faith. Muslims refrain from drinking and eating from sunrise to sunset. This practice is done with utmost sincerity and faith in Allah as it reminds them that Allah is the sustainer of life; therefore, they depend on him. Being in the state of hunger also helps Muslims put themselves in the shoes of those who are impoverished, allowing them to cultivate more compassion towards these individuals.

4. Practice self-discipline and self-control

During Ramadan, Muslims also do not engage in sexual activities. The Muslim community often maintains celibacy during this one-month observation. They also refrain from harbouring negative thoughts and feelings that may influence them to sin.

5.Recite the Quran

Ramadan is designed to make Muslims closer to Allah. To do this, one of the things Muslims must do during Ramadan is to recite and reflect on the verses of the Quran and determine how they can apply them in their lives. There is no specific number of times the Quran should be recited in a day, but it is recommended to recite it as many times as possible.

6. Offer prayers

During Ramadan, Muslims offer prayers, at dawn, in the evening, and another special prayer recited during Ramadan, the Tarawih prayer. In total, Muslims offer Salat which means they offer it five times a day. This practice allows them to seek Allah’s forgiveness and guidance.

7. Wish your friends and family a happy Ramadan

Since Ramadan is also a time to foster closer relationships with others, you must wish your friends a happy Ramadan. It is also ideal for giving gifts during the iftar and inviting others into your home to join you for the feast when you break the fast after sundown.

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