How to decorate for Ramadan (2022)

By Remitbee - Mar 17, 2022

Ramadan is a month-long celebration millions of Muslims around the world will celebrate from April 2, 2022, to May 2, 2022. To welcome this holiest holiday for the Muslims, it is best to prepare your home so that it will remain warm, clean, and inviting.

Ramadan is a time of focusing on Allah, the Qur’an, introspection, and doing charity work. To make it more convenient for you to focus your mind on clean and holy things, a clean home will help. Preparing your home for Ramadan also allows you to invite your family and friends freely, especially during the large meals shared to break the fast after sundown.

Are you looking for different ways to decorate your home to make it extra special this Ramadan 2022? Follow the tips in this article!

Clean and declutter

The first step to preparing your home for Ramadan is to clean your house. It is best to maintain your homes' cleanliness daily or weekly so that you won’t feel overwhelmed when you start preparing your home for Ramadan.

Aside from cleaning your home, it is also recommended that you declutter your home for any useful items in good condition that you are not using anymore. You can hold a garage sale in your home and donate the proceeds to a charity this Ramadan or directly give these items to those you know are in need.

Set up a “Happy Ramadan” banner

Banners evoke the feeling of festivity, so it is best to hang a “Happy Ramadan” banner in your home. You may make your own banner instead of buying one to save on costs. You can create one by using colorful paper and cutting them into mosque shapes. You may hang your banner on your main door or one of the walls in your living room so that your guests will see it once they enter your home.

Let there be light

Muslims often decorate their homes with ornamental lanterns that display lights. If you do not have ornamental lanterns to display in your home, you can consider using electric candles, fairy lights, electrical tea lights, and other decorative lamps.

You may place these lights on tables and top of other furniture inside your home. You may also hang lanterns on your doors, windows, and staircase.

Hang paper lanterns

To make your home more festive, you may also hang paper moon and star lanterns inside your home. You may consider reusing the decorative items you’ve used the previous year, or you may also create your own using handmade paper and gold-colored string. You may ask your children to draw on these paper lanterns to make them involved in your home decorating process this Ramadan.

Add some balloons

Balloons are often used during happy occasions. So, you may add balloons to your home decoration this Ramadan. To add a dash of sparkle to your balloons, you may consider gluing glitters on your balloons to allow them to dry before hanging them inside your home.

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Set up a crescent-shaped Ramadan tree

If you have the budget, purchase a crescent-shaped tree and decorate it with lights and other ornaments that depict the Islamic faith. This can be a centerpiece in your home during the month of Ramadan.

DIY Ramadan Calendar

Another functional decorative piece you may prepare for your home this Ramadan 2022 is a Ramadan calendar. You may hang this calendar in the most visited place in your home by all family members or prepare several calendars and lace it in the rooms of all members of the family.

In the calendar, you may write the time of suhoor and iftar. You can also personalize your DIY Ramadan calendar by writing your schedule per day on it to make sure that despite doing school and office work, you won’t forget doing prayer, meditation, and reading the Qur’an.

Prepare the dining table and eating utensils for iftar

Families and friends often share the large meals eaten after sundown each day of the Ramadan month. So aside from preparing sumptuous meals, this is also the time to bring out the plates, glasses, and other dining utensils in your home that will be sued when eating these large meals together.

What Matters Most

Apart from making your home beautiful and fully prepared for the incoming Ramadan, creating a loving and peaceful atmosphere inside your home with your family is important. This love you share will make your home ready for the Ramadan celebration this 2022.

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