Where to Buy a Presto Card

By Remitbee - May 25, 2022

Most Canadians enjoy driving their car, but it can be extremely costly. Most people don’t know that you can travel cheaply by public transport with a Presto card. For example, a trip that would ordinarily cost $4 if paid in cash would cost $3.90 if paid with a Presto card.

A Presto card is the most convenient way to access public transportation, such as train systems, buses, and underground subways. You can pay for your fare by just tapping on a card. They offer cheaper fares than paying for rides with cash, which is very convenient.

You can load money onto your Presto card online from your bank account. You can also manually load it once a week or once a month or allow it to auto-renew if a certain balance is reached.

How Can I Get A Presto Card?

But where in Canada can you get a Presto card? Acquiring a Presto card is not as complicated as many people believe. There are two simple ways to obtain a Presto card.

Purchase From Several Outlets

A Presto card can be bought and loaded at customer service outlets. This solution is ideal when you don't want to use the online portal.

You can buy Presto cards through the authorized sales channels listed below.

Fare Vending Machines
Presto Card Site Shoppers Drug Mart Self-Serve Reload Machines Customer Service Outlets.

Set Up Your Own Presto Account

Presto has an online portal where you can create an account and pay fares using your Presto card or online. You can create a Presto account here, prestocard.

You can order a Presto card for around $6 through your account. You will receive your Presto card seven days after signing up. In the Greater Toronto Area, Hamilton, and Ottawa, you can use the card on various transit systems.

How To Use A Presto Card

It's not difficult to use a Presto card. Simply tap your card when you board a vehicle, transfer from one, or enter a station. Some transit companies will even let you pay as you exit. You must ensure that your card is loaded with money or passes.

You can use the following methods to load your Presto card:

  • At an authorized store or Customer Service Outlet via the Presto website's chat function
  • By using the Presto App Online interface.
  • Using a fee vending machine or a Self-Service Reload Machine
  • Call 1-877-378-6123 for more information.
  • Online portal

Some transit agencies will let you use your Presto card for multiple people, while others will not. However, you must have set up the card for discounted fare types, and the rider must be eligible to use it.

Any rider can use an adult fare card. Before tapping your card to pay for your companions, you must alert the driver.

Presto cards bought at Shoppers Drug Mart, Ticket Vending Machines, Customer Service Outlets, or Fare Vending Machines do not require activation. If you purchased it elsewhere, you must activate it using their chat function, online, or by calling 1-877-378-6123.

The card will take up to 24 hours to activate, and you will not be able to use it during that time. To complete the activation process, you must tap it on a Presto device within 30 days.

In Which Cities Can You Use Presto Cards

If you're wondering where you can use your Presto card, here's a list of cities and regions.

  • Hamilton Street Railway (HSR)
  • Miway transit
  • Oakville
  • Ottawa-Carlton transit (OC Transpo)
  • Brampton
  • Burlington
  • UP Express (a railway directly connecting Union Station in Toronto to Pearson Airport )
  • Durham Region Transit (DRT)
  • GO transit
  • York Region Transit (YRT)
  • Toronto Transit Commission

Frequently Asked Questions( FAQs)

How do transfers work?

You pay for two hours of service when you tap your Presto card while commuting. You will not be charged again if you exit a transit vehicle and immediately board another transit vehicle before the two hours are up.

A transfer is a two-hour timespan. It's worth noting that you'll still need to tap your Presto card while entering the new transit vehicle. Within every two hours, you will only be charged for one ride.

What is a self-service reload machine?

You can load your Presto card with debit or credit at a self-service reload machine. You can also do the following:

  • Check your transaction history and balance.
  • Load money
  • You can add online money loads and update your card balance.
  • Autoload, or registration is an example of online activities you can do.


When it comes to public transportation, the Presto card is truly invaluable. Simply keep the card loaded at all times, and you will have a wonderful time during your rides.

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