Top 5 Korean Grocery Stores in Montreal

By Remitbee - Mar 4, 2022

Do you recall running out of ingredients to make your favourite Korean kimchi but could not get them at your local supermarket? Or that time you were desperate for Korean noodles but didn't know what they should look like?

Worry no more! We have listed the best five Korean grocery stores in Montreal, your go-to Asian supermarkets where you can find it all! So whether in the mood for preparing Chinese, Japanese, or Korean dishes, you can now find it all in one spot.

The Korean grocery stores listed in this article feature a range of grocery food items that you won't find in major Korean supermarkets in Montreal. The pricing is somewhat cheaper than those of the province of Quebec's major supermarket chains. So before you visit any of these stores, make a shopping list because you will most likely get sidetracked by all the bright and exotic Korean foods on display!

Montreal Korean and Japanese Foods

If you want to prepare Korean food at home and are looking for the ingredients needed, this store will provide everything you need. The store has a large selection of Asian goods at a reasonable price. They also have a small section for ready-to-eat sushi and seafood. It's a superb Korean store to visit if you're looking for Kim Bap, Onigiri, or rice bowls.

This is by far Montreal's biggest and best Korean grocery store, and you can spend hours wandering around. They offer delivery service and takeout, accept Debit Cards, and allow street parking and bike parking.

Address: 6151 Sherbrooke West Montreal, Quebec, Canada Phone: 514- 487-1672

Top 5 Korean Grocery Stores in Montreal

This is also one of Montreal's biggest Korean grocery stores. The store is tidy and the aisles are big. Before COVID, they had a buffet to pick your items and a place to sit and eat. They sell Japanese and Chinese goods, as well as Thai and Vietnamese cuisine.

If you love Asian cuisine that much, you will enjoy their frozen foods, sweets, and a few more miscellaneous items. Because their produce is fresh, you won't have any complaints. So if you're ever in the place and want to cook Korean food, check out this Korean supermarket.

Address: 6785 Rue Saint-Jacques Montreal H4B 1V3, Canada Phone: (514) 489-9775

Épicerie Coréenne et Japonaise

This Korean grocery store in Montreal has a large selection - fresh sushi, kimchi, and onigiri, to name a few. Kimbap, fried tofu, shrimp pancakes, and the katsu rice bowl are all popular dishes that some say are restaurant-quality and quite tasty.

Korean and other Asian snacks are available. They also have a vast selection of Korean, Chinese, and Japanese instant ramen. You will keep coming back since their cheap Asian food options are so good!

In addition, the store is clean and well-organized. If you decide to eat there, they also have a small seating area upstairs. Not only that, but they also serve cooked meals in takeout servings, with both hot and cold options. The store is small, but it's like a combination of a grocery shop and a takeout restaurant!

Address: 1829 rue Sainte-Catherine O Montréal H3H 1M6 Canada Phone: (514) 779-7456

You can also check the Top 5 Korean Grocery Stores in Vancouver if you’re based there.

Marché C & T

This store sells Asian delicacies such as seafood-flavoured chips, wasabi peas, roasted/dry bean snacks, and some dry ramen-flavoured noodles that aren't sold at the larger Quebec supermarket chains.

During the winter, the place is usually very crowded. Another thing to remember is that you will need one of the standard metal shopping carts if you plan to do extensive food shopping. However, if you are only shopping for a few things, you can use the free tiny plastic shopping container on wheels. They also accept standard credit cards like Mastercard and Visa.

Address: 12200 Boulevard Marcel-Laurin, Quebec H4K 2Y8 Montreal Canada Phone: (514) 336-3555

Marché Eden

Eden sells a wide range of organic Korean, Japanese, and Chinese foods. Tofu, fresh and packaged noodles, frozen dumplings, snacks, teas, sauces and spices, and specialty foods like umeboshi, natto, and kimchi are among the Asian grocery items available in the store.

The shop also features a lovely display of baked products. Empanadas, Jamaican patties, and samosas are all on exhibit together. Although pre-packaged, Eden's sushi is excellent and much less expensive than other similar stores. They accept debit cards and provide parking on the street and for bikes.

The supermarket is neat and well-lit, plus the staff is friendly. There have been a few restorations, and it now has a much more modern aesthetic look!

Address: 3575 Parc Ave Montreal H2X 3P9 Canada Phone: 514 843-4443

There's something about eating Korean food that speaks to everyone. There is nothing like immersing yourself in Korean culture, especially when you feel homesick. However, it would take a day to get from Montreal to Seoul by plane!

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