Top 5 Korean Grocery Stores in Vancouver

By Remitbee - Nov 2, 2021

In the late 1990s, South Korean nationals were the fifth-largest immigrants to Canada. While Toronto houses the largest number of Koreans in the country, Vancouver is experiencing the highest growth rate in its Korean population. With the growing number of Korean immigrants in Canada, these immigrants brought different Korean products and items to help them adjust to their new living conditions.

Bringing a piece (or pieces) of South Korea (SoKor) to Canada allowed immigrants to have still a part of their home in their new country of residence. Thus, they can still enjoy things back home when they leave for Canada, which somehow helped ease the feelings of homesickness. Some Korean immigrants in Canada even opened up their own Korean businesses, such as the one depicted in the Canadian television sitcom on CBC Television, Kim’s Convenience. As a result, the doors for Canadians and other foreign immigrants have opened for them also to experience the authentic things SoKor has to offer without the need to travel to Korea themselves.

In different parts of Canada, you can find various Korean Towns and Korean establishments. In Vancouver, the Korean community is found between the streets of Nicola and Denman. Here you can find plenty of Korean restaurants and other businesses.

If you want to see, taste, or even cook a Korean meal for yourself and others, we have compiled the top 5 Korean groceries in Vancouver you can visit during your Korean-themed grocery shopping.

H Mart

H Mart is a big name in the Korean grocery scene in the West. This grocery store is known for selling different authentic Korean snacks such as tteokboki (rice cake) and instant ramen cups of varying sizes, colours, and flavours. You can also purchase fresh produce in this supermarket, such as noodle kits, Asian dumplings, fruits, vegetables, meats, and seafood. H Mart also sells cooked and ready-to-eat Korean dishes such as Korean chicken, Korean pig’s feet, and banchan (side dishes).


Dunbar Address: 5557 Dunbar St., Vancouver, BC V6N 1W5

Phone: 604-264-5950, BBQ: 604-261-0463

UBC Express

Address: #106-5728 University Blvd., Vancouver, BC V6T 1K6

Phone: 604-224-3878

Kim’s Mart

Kim’s Mart is also an awesome place to shop for Korean products, including fresh produce. This store might be small, but it is packed with Korean goods of good quality at affordable prices. Here you can buy large tubs of kimchi, fresh soba noodles, and other ingredients you will probably need to cook authentic Korean dishes at home. Aside from Korean items, Japanese and other Asian products are also sold here.

If you’re hungry after work, you can also stop by this place to shop for ready-to-eat Korean meals such as kimbap (Korean sushi) and sausages.

Address: 519 E Broadway Vancouver, BC V5T 1X4

Phone: 604-872-8885

Assi Supermarket

Assi Supermarket is another international grocery store with a branch in Vancouver. Aside from selling Korean and other Asian food items and fresh produce, you can also buy different household products in this grocery store, such as cooking wares.

Assi Supermarket is also a good place to shop for fresh seafood. They sell octopus, seashells, shrimp, squid, live lobsters, and a wide array of fish. They also offer a made-to-order meat set if you plan to host a Korean barbecue party at home with friends and family. This supermarket also sells Filipino, Chinese, Japanese, and Thai items.

Address: 5593 Kingsway, Burnaby, BC V5H 2G3

Phone: 604-437-8949

Hodori Market

Hodori Market is currently the only Korean grocery store located in North Vancouver. This little shop is a good venue not only to purchase Korean food but also to experience the warm welcome of their friendly staff. This shop has a section dedicated to Korean spicy instant ramen and other unique noodles such as sweet potato noodles. The store also sells different Korean drinks and frozen delights.

You can also purchase fresh meats and other Korean and Asian products that may be very hard to find elsewhere. The storeowners of this grocery are very warm and welcoming. Patrons of the store consider them appa (father) and eomma (mother).

Address: 820 15th St. W, North Vancouver, BC V7P 1M6

Phone: 604-984-8794

Hi-Mart Centre

Hi-Mart is another Korean grocery store to check out. This quaint store sells Korean snacks, coffee mixes, canned meats, and Asian condiments. You can also purchase fresh meats, seafood, fruits, and vegetables in this market. Before going to the actual supermarket, you can check out their website to check the prices of items, including the ones on sale.

Address: #12-2755 Lougheed Hwy. Port Coquitlam, BC V3B 5Y9

Phone: 604-944-3243

If you are a Korean national or a lover of Korean products, visit these Korean stores in Vancouver to satisfy your Korean cravings without flying to South Korea. You can also check the top 5 Korean grocery stores in Toronto if you’re based there.

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