9 Best Places To Visit In Edmonton

By Remitbee - Apr 20, 2022

Visiting Edmonton, Alberta's capital, should be on your to-do list. Edmonton is a cultural hotspot with stunning galleries, parks, museums, and vibrant music scenes.

While Edmonton is one of the world's coldest cities, it also has fun places to visit. Take a look at nine of the top locations to visit in Edmonton before you dismiss it based on that fact alone.

9 Top Attractions To Visit In Edmonton

Let's look at the top nine attractions to visit in Edmonton. Whether you've recently relocated there, are visiting, or have lived there for some time.

Elk Island Park and Beaver hills

Elk Island Park boasts breathtaking landscapes and a diverse range of wildlife. Lynx, elk, moose, black bears, gray wolves, and 250 different bird species are among the wildlife found in the park. If you're a nature lover, you'll enjoy it. The park is essential to the survival of the plains bison.

The park is home to the world's largest and smallest animals, the wood bison and the pygmy shrew. Aside from animal viewing, you may go camping, kayaking, golfing, etc.

Expect to see the beaver hill in the park, which is declared a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. A wilderness center, a bird sanctuary, and a dark sky reserve are all located.

Beaver Hills buffalos were captured and placed into their reserve in 1901. They were the predecessors of the park's current buffaloes.

Royal Alberta Museum

You’ll find the Royal Alberta Museum in Edmonton's downtown area. It was first opened in 1967 and is Canada’s largest living history museum. The museum relocated in 2018 to become Western Canada's largest museum.

The museum hosts many historical and cultural exhibits. Several sections have exhibitions dedicated to human history, including live animals, archaeological discoveries, and aboriginal artifacts. Other sections include science and a section dedicated to the world's largest insect collection.

Your youngsters will be fascinated and educated by the various fossils from the ice age eras and dinosaurs. They can see live insects of many species and massive aquaria containing native fish. There is a cafe and a well-stocked gift shop on the premises.

Fort Edmonton Park

Fort Edmonton Park is another major attraction in Edmonton that is well worth visiting. It is Canada's largest living history museum, and you can find it southwest of the city center.

The park features well-preserved buildings and is an excellent spot to learn more about Edmonton's history. Various streets have historical buildings with informative displays illustrating Edmonton's growth as a city.

You'll have a terrific time riding vintage streetcars and horse-drawn carriages as you move in the streets.

North Saskatchewan River Valley

There are more than 22 beautiful parks in the valley, larger than Central Park in New York. Outdoor activities include running, strolling, viewing amazing wildlife, and riding on the valley's 160-kilometer paths.

With so many attractions along its banks, the river divides Edmonton in half. You can visit Edmonton Valley Zoo in the valley, which has over 350 different animals. The John Janzen Nature Centre is in the valley too, and you will get the opportunity to learn about nature and wild creatures.

If you enjoy treasure hunts, check out River Valley's "Quest for the Golden Key" in their interactive app. It's a virtual quest so that you can do it from the comfort of your own home.

Telus World Of Science

This attraction is a state-of-the-art science facility located on the corner of the coronation park. Telus World of Science features an IMAX theater, a planetarium, and a magnificent science stage.

The museum's expansive galleries and chances to participate in various hands-on activities are popular with residents and tourists. The major goal of the center was to spark people's interest in science and technology.

There are sections dedicated to space, Alberta, the environment, science, and Alberta history.

Muttart Conservatory

While in Edmonton, don’t miss to visit one of its most famous landmarks, the Muttart Conservatory. Four pyramid-shaped glass buildings make up the conservatory.

You’ll find the most exquisite botanical garden inside the buildings, with each greenhouse representing different environments worldwide.

A lovely park, an on-site restaurant, a gift shop, and a public garden surround the buildings.

West Edmonton Hall

You can't afford to miss the West Edmonton Hall, North America's largest shopping mall. There are nearly 800 stores in the hall, with themes such as Chinatown, Europa Boulevard, and many others.

Galaxy world, an indoor amusement park, will also delight your family. Numerous attractions are available, including a petting zoo, mini-golf courses, movie theaters, and an ice rink.

With its giant wave machines, themed pools, and a massive water park full of slides, the World Waterpark is a must-see. It's entertaining for both adults and children.

There are 100 places to eat in the hall, and you can stay in one of two hotels. One of its hotels is fantasyland due to its different themed 120 guest rooms.

Winspear Center

If you prefer music, pay a visit to the Winspear Centre and listen to some enchanting music. The center is located in the heart of downtown Edmonton and is home to the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra.

Classical, rock, folk, and country music are some of the music genres performed in the Winspear Center. Visit winspearcentre to learn about upcoming events and purchase tickets.

Edmonton Scavenger Hunt

Talk to your friends or family about a walk that can turn into the best adventure of your lives. The walk takes place in downtown Edmonton, where you will be able to see the city's true gems.

You get to complete twenty-plus challenges and puzzles in under two hours and explore some of the best historic landmarks.

You can book and get team activities and your tickets at scavengerhunt.com


Despite its harsh winters, Edmonton is a lovely and enjoyable city. There's no reason to be bored indoors when there are so many sites. Have a good time and create memories for yourself and your loved ones.

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