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PrivatBank and RemitBee have partnered to bring easy, secure and fast money transfers from Canada to Ukraine.

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PrivatBank is the largest innovative bank in Ukraine, which has been relentlessly introducing new technologies for its clients for 30 years. The result of PrivatBank's digitization and progressiveness is recognized worldwide.

PrivatMoney is an international payment system of instant money transfers, created by PrivatBank in 2001. Licensed and regulated by the National Bank of Ukraine. Presented in more than 40 countries of the world. More than 1 million unique customers use the system every year. PrivatMoney is a simple and reliable way to transfer funds.

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How to receive a PrivatMoney transfer
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Remitbee simplifies sending money to Ukraine. Its user-friendly platform and swift transactions make it my go-to for hassle-free transfers.
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Remitbee stands out for cost-effective and reliable money transfers to Ukraine. Transparent fees and competitive exchange rates make it a trusted choice.
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Remitbee consistently delivers exceptional service for sending funds to Ukraine. Quick transfers and reliable customer support make it my preferred option for international transactions.
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How to Send Money to Ukraine?

Get a free Remitbee account

Sign up and get your RemitBee account.

Complete Verification

Upload your ID and provide us with your details so we can keep your funds safe and secure.

Add your recipient

Select UAH or USD as a receiving currency and provide recipient's personal, contact and bank details. You can also select between a bank account/card deposit vs cash pickup.

Confirm details and pay

Once you double-checked all the details, pay for the transfer using one of our convenient payment methods - e-Transfer, Debit card, EFT or Bill payment.

Sit back and relax

That's all you need to do if you sent money with RemitBee. On top of that, our direct partnership with PrivatBank guarantees that your funds will arrive within few minutes!
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What information you’ll need to complete the transfer
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    Recipient's name: Accurate recipient details are vital for seamless identification and processing, aligning precisely with the bank's records.
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    Address: The recipient's address ensures efficient delivery, reducing potential delays.
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    Bank name: Clearly stating PrivatBank ensures accurate fund routing to the correct institution.
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    Account Number: Including the recipient's account number ensures precise fund allocation, reducing the likelihood of errors. These specific details are crucial for a secure and smooth transfer through Remitbee.

What are the benefits of sending
directly to PrivatBank?


Enhanced Security

Rely on Remitbee's secure online platform equipped with robust security measures for your transaction's safety.


Effortless Transfers

Enjoy streamlined processes, ensuring prompt and secure fund delivery.


Supreme Convenience

Conduct transactions conveniently from home, eliminating the need for in-person visits or complex procedures.


Immediate Access

Instantly access your transferred funds, enabling immediate utilization without delays. Embrace the speed and ease facilitated by Remitbee!

Money Transfer Fees
Flat Fees for E-transfer, Bill Payment, EFT and Interac Online
Payment Method
Below $500
Above $500
Debit card
Bill Payment
Interac Online
Best way to send money from Canada on the go

Created for our customers on the go, the Remitbee app has all the functionality you expect from the website compacted into your iPhone or Android device! Designed for speed, efficiency and safety, our app is the best way to use Remitbee.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Yes. You can send money from Canada to PrivatBank in Ukraine using RemitBee. You can also send funds to any bank account or card in Ukraine.
  1. Go to the menu Services → Transfers → International.
  2. In the Receive tab, select the PrivatMoney system.
  3. Fill in the transfer control number and click the Continue button.
  4. Select the card to which you want to receive the transfer. Click Receive.
  5. The transfer has been sent for payment. You can check it in the Transfer Archive. How to pay a PrivatMoney transfer through Privat24
  1. Log in with your card or phone number or scan the QR code.
  2. Use the Banking services menu.
  3. Select International transfers.
  4. Choose the PrivatMoney payment system.
  5. Fill in the transfer number and click the Next button.
  6. Select the card to which you want to credit the transfer.
  7. Check the transfer details and click the Next button.
  8. Read the PrivatMoney Transfer Terms and Conditions. Click the Next button.
  9. The payment was successful. If necessary, you can print the receipt. How to receive a PrivatMoney transfer through a self-service terminal

Step 1. Present your PrivatBank card for identification or your passport and personal identification number for identification. Step 2. Enter the control number of the transfer, first name and last name of the sender, the country of sending and the amount of the transfer. Step 3. Get money on a card or in cash at the cash desk. Transfers are paid without any additional fees.

Step 1. Log in using the card. Step 2. Select Additional services → Money transfers → PrivatMoney. Step 3. Enter the control number and transfer data. Step 4. Select the card to which you want to receive a transfer. 5. Transfer completed.

Step 1. Call the 3700 line. Step 2. Contact the operator (digit zero in the dial tone after selecting the language). Step 3. Tell the operator all the necessary data to receive the transfer. Step 4. Tell the operator which card you want to transfer the money to. Step 5. Wait for confirmation from the operator about the successful transfer of funds to the card.
Discover RemitBee's extensive selection of payment options designed with precision to offer unmatched convenience and adaptability for all your financial transactions. Delve into a wide spectrum, encompassing Interac e-Transfer, Interac Online, Bill Payment, Electronic Funds Transfer, alongside Visa or Mastercard Debit, ensuring seamless payment handling. Embrace our cutting-edge solutions and enjoy a streamlined, hassle-free financial transaction experience. Simplify your payments with RemitBee's exceptional convenience.
Once your account is verified, it typically takes just a few minutes to deliver funds to a PrivatBank account. To all other banks, it can take up to a few hours for funds to arrive.

Uncover the advantages of fee-free transactions for transfers exceeding 500 CAD. Meanwhile, for transfers under 500 CAD, RemitBee offers a personalized fee system focused on transparency and efficiency, providing clear and practical options for all your financial transfers. Experience the ease of seamless and cost-effective transactions designed to suit your specific needs.

  • Interac Online - $2.99
  • E-transfer - Free
  • Bill Payment - Free
  • Electronic funds Transfer - Free
  • Visa or Mastercard Debit - $2.99+
You can send up to 399,999.00 UAH or 10,000.00 USD monthly to any PrivatBank account. You can send those amounts as one transfer or split it into 30 monthly transactions. For all other Ukrainian banks, the limit is 29,999.00 UAH or 1,000.00 USD per transaction; monthly limits differ depending on your recipient's bank.