How to Transfer Money From BDO to Gcash

How to Transfer Money From BDO to Gcash

BDO online banking is a popular money transfer system in the Philippines.

It's important to note that you can only transfer money from BDO to a GCash-registered mobile number. This will be the destination account number.

If you are using online banking or Mobile App, you can follow the steps below:

  • To get started, you must activate the BDO online banking process using an ATM card or online via

  • Next, access the BDO Online Banking login page.

  • Enter your user ID and password to log in.

  • You will receive a one-time password (OTP) via SMS or BDO Mobile Banking's OTP Generator.

  • Click on Send Money in the Navigate menu, click on Send Money, then select To Another Local Bank.

  • Choose the option Proceed without a template and click the Next button.

  • You will be directed to the screen displaying Fill Out the Sender Details Form.

    When you get here, fill in the following details:

  • Select the BDO Account to debit funds in the' Transfer From Section.'

  • In 'Amount,' enter the amount to transfer.

  • For 'Destination Bank', select GCash[GXI].

  • For 'Destination Account Number,' enter the 11-digit GCash-registered mobile number in the format 09.

  • You will also be prompted to the screen displaying the Fill out the Receiver Details Form.

    The form requires the following recipient information:

  • Recipient Name: Here, you'll enter the last name, first name, and middle initial.

  • Recipient Mobile Number: Enter the 11-digit mobile number in the format 09.

  • Purpose of Transaction: Write a short note on the money transfer. For instance, you can quote that the money is for payment for online orders.

  • After filling out the important information, the next step is to save the template. To do this, choose the Save Template option. However, only do so if you plan on making a similar transaction in the future.

  • When you're done filling out the forms, click the Submit button.

  • Then, review your transaction summary and details entered for correctness. If satisfied, click the Continue Button to verify your transaction.

  • Enter the OTP sent earlier to your mobile number or via BDO Mobile Banking's OTP Generator.

  • You will see a confirmation display together with Your Reference Number and Transaction Details.

Pay with

Estimated delivery

Transfer fees

Like most mobile transfer systems, you will incur applicable charges for every transaction.

For example, BDO charges a transfer fee of PhP 25.00 per successful transaction. The amount is deducted from the account.

Another thing to note is a daily limit of PHP 50,000.

Processing time

Transferring funds to a GCash account using either the BDO Online Banking website or BDO Mobile Banking App is real-time.

RemitBee: The best alternative to GCash Money Transfer

Sending money to the Philippines directly to a GCash account is now more convenient when using RemitBee.

It's not only free to sign up, but there are no fees charged when you spend over $500. In addition, you will enjoy the most competitive CAD to PHP exchange rates before sending your money.

How to Send Money to Gcash Wallet from RemitBee

The transfer process of funds to GCash using the Remitbee App is straightforward, even for first-time users.

Here are the easy steps on how to transfer your money from CAD:

  • First, you need to download the Remitbee App on your phone.

  • Open the app and complete the signup process to get an account.

  • To start, click on the Send money button on the dashboard.

  • Choose Philippines as the country to which money will be transferred to

  • Select To bank account as the receiving method for your recipient.

  • You will be required to enter your recipient's details; First and last names, mobile number, email address, and home address.

  • To access GCash, select G-XCHANGE INC. GXI GCASH under the Bank options.

  • Then enter the beneficiary's GCash account number under Bank account.

  • Enter the amount you wish to send.

  • Then select the purpose of your transfer from the options provided. For example -family expenses, repaying a loan, and gifts.

  • Choose your preferred payment method for the remittance and follow the payment instructions.

  • Review all your transfer details.

  • Confirm and send your money transfer.

Processing time

Remitbee transfers take between a few minutes or up to 1 business day. Notification by way of a text message is sent to the recipient when funds are credited to the GCash account.

Rates on transactions

Remitbee delivers your transaction at the most affordable rates. At RemitBee, you get the best money transfer deals, as the rates are better than average banks and other digital money transfer options.

There are no hidden fees and fluctuating exchange rates after completing the transaction. Instead, get an instant reward on your first-time transfer to the Philippines by giving a $10 credit to your account.

Transaction fees

RemitBee offers the most competitive fees on your first and future transactions.

Other competitors only offer low costs on your first transfer. On the other hand, RemitBee offers free transfers for $500 or more transactions. Below this value, a minimal fee of $2.99 is charged.

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