Send Money from Canada to UBA bank Nigeria in Nigeria

UBA bank Nigeria, Nigeria

UBA bank Nigeria also known as United Bank for Africa Plc is a pan-African financial services company based in Lagos, Nigeria. It has offices in London, Paris, and New York, as well as subsidiaries in 20 African countries. The Central Bank of Nigeria classifies it as a commercial bank. The Nigerian Stock Exchange lists the group's stock under the symbol UBA, and it trades under that symbol.

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How to Send Money to UBA bank Nigeria in nigeria

It just takes five easy steps to send money to the Nigeria!

  • Register for a free Remitbee account. It will give you access to a private Remitbee Wallet and a secure account in our system.

  • Verify your email address and phone number, and provide basic contact information such as your full name, address, and occupation.

  • Set up your recipient, you’ll need their contact and banking information.

  • Check the exchange rate. Once the exchange rate for CAD to NGN is satisfactory, enter the amount of money you need to send, select your payment method and send your transfer.

  • Use the Remitbee app to track your money and see when it arrives in Nigeria!

What are the benefits of sending directly to UBA bank Nigeria?

There are many benefits to sending directly to UBA bank Nigeria with Remitbee. Here’s a quick overview!

  • Secure and fast! Avoid lineups at the store or bank.

  • 100% online, send easily using your phone, tablet or laptop.

  • Free transfers over 500$

What is the information you need to complete the transfer?

Here is what you’ll need to complete the transfer through Remitbee. Transfer to UBA bank Nigeria with Remitbee.

  • Recipient’s name – exactly as it appears on bank statements. This will prevent delays in your transfer.

  • Recipient Home Address – For identification confirmation.

  • ACH Routing Number – To identify the correct bank.

  • Account Number – This ensures it gets to your recipient’s account.

How Remitbee calculates the CAD to NGN exchange rate

By analyzing markets on a daily basis, we are able to provide the best NGN exchange rates. When you use the bill, Interact, or debit card payment methods, there are small fees, but you can use the Remitbee Wallet without paying any fees at any time. All fees are transparent, and you can see them before sending money to Nigeria in the application.

Send money to all major Banks in Nigeria

How international money transfers work

The SWIFT network is used to send international bank transfers. Before the transfer is approved, remittance instructions are sent from the sender's bank to the recipient's bank, and all fees are calculated. The money is transferred after one of the banks calculates the CAD to NGN exchange rate.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes you can! Use Remitbee to send money around the world.

We offer many different payment options such as Interac e-Transfer, Interac Online, Bill payment, Electronic Funds Transfer or Visa or Mastercard Debit.

Only direct bank account transfers are available for transfers to the Nigeria.

Once your ID has been authenticated on our system, you can transmit up to CAD 9,000 every day, with a total annual limit of 50,000 CAD.

Any transfer of 500 CAD or more is entirely free. The transaction fees for sending less than $500 CAD are mentioned below:

  • Interac Online - $2.99

  • E-transfer – Free

  • Bill Payment – Free

  • Electronic funds Transfer - Free

  • Visa or Mastercard Debit - $2.99+

The CAD to NGN exchange rate is currently 1 CAD for {{NGN}} NGN. This changes daily.

The maximum amount of money you can send in NGN is dependent on your account’s verification level.

The minimal Verification Level 1 allows you to send only 50 CAD daily, and up to 500 CAD monthly.We recommend Verification of Level 2.

It will allow you to send up to 3,000 CAD daily, and up to 25,000 CAD monthly.For users who need to transfer larger amounts of money we also have a good option – Verification Level 3.

It allows you to send 9,000 CAD daily, and up to 50,000 CAD monthly.

We are also working on Verification Level 4 to provide our customers with even higher sending limits. Remember, verification is a one-time process.

Once you have been verified, there is no need to provide any other documents.

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