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APS Bank, Malta

The APS Bank, which took over from the Unione Cattolica San Giuseppe in 1910, is a Maltese bank founded by a Jesuit, Fr. In 1948, ownership of the bank was handed to the Archdiocese of Malta and Gozo by Michael Vella.

In 1970, the bank became a private limited liability corporation, and in 1990, it received a commercial license. It has continued to develop its business in a variety of directions since then. It now has 300 employees spread over nine branches and agencies in Malta and Gozo. APS Consult LTD and APS Funds Sicav PLC are two subsidiaries of APS Bank.

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How to Send Money to Malta with APS Bank

To send money to APS Bank, simply follow these five simple steps:

  1. You must create an account with RemitBee before using it. Simply visit the RemitBee website or download the RemitBee app to get started. There's also a simple digital wallet.
  2. Your entire name, address, and job title will be requested. The phone number and email address must be current for verification reasons.
  3. The recipient's name, address, and phone number will be required next. The beneficiary bank's SWIFT code and IBAN must also be provided.
  4. After entering the transfer amount, the next step is to choose a payment option. Simply follow the on-screen instructions to complete the transaction. Currency fluctuations have no bearing on fees.
  5. You will be notified via email once the transfer is complete. The RemitBee app's tracking feature allows you to keep track of your money transfers.

Why send money directly to APS Bank

Some of the benefits of using RemitBee's online money transfer service include:

  1. With RemitBee, you may send money to anyone, anywhere, and at any time. You will not be required to visit a bank or a remittance agent.
  2. You can trust our service because we've been doing it for a few years and have a track record.
  3. As soon as the transfer is completed successfully, the funds will be available to the designated recipient.
  4. Sending $500 or more is entirely free.

What is the information that you’ll need to complete the transfer

Make sure you have the following information before sending a transfer using RemitBee:

  1. Full name of the recipient as it appears on their bank statement

  2. The recipient's mobile number and home address
  3. SWIFT Code for APS Bank (APSBMTMTXXX)
  4. International Bank Account Number (IBAN)

How RemitBee calculates the CAD to EUR Exchange Rate

Each transfer's cost can be estimated ahead of time. Our currency conversion rates are among the best in the industry. If you transfer money and pay with a credit card, you will be charged a small fee. The RemitBee Wallet is the most cost-effective way to pay for your transfer because there are no fees.

Which other banks in Malta can you send money to?

How international money transfers work

The CAD/EUR exchange rate is set by the bank. The funds will then be transmitted through the SWIFT network.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Electronic funds transfers, debit or credit card payments, bill payment, and Interac Online are all accepted modes of payment.

For the time being, bank transfers are the only option. Completing them could take as little as a few minutes or as much as a full workday. On the other hand, some transactions are processed in a couple of seconds.

The monthly and daily transaction limits for a confirmed RemitBee account are $50,000 and $9,000, respectively.

The CAD to EUR exchange rate is currently 1 CAD for {{EUR}} EUR. This changes daily.

Yes! Anyone who refers three new clients will receive a $50 bonus.

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