Send money from Canada to a Nordea account in Denmark

Nordea, Denmark

Nordea Limited has helped its customers realize their dreams and aspirations through the personal financial services. This bank is a leader Nordic universal bank with a 2020 income of EUR 8.5 billion. Aside from Denmark, Nordea also operates in the Nordic markets of Finland, Norway, and Sweden. This bank is on the top ten financial services companies in Europe based on market capitalization and one of the few European banks with an AA rating.

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How to Send Money to Nordea in Denmark

The process of sending money from Canada to Denmark using RemitBee is convenient and easy. Here are the simple steps to do so:

  • Go to the RemitBee website or download the RemitBee App. Sign up for a RemitBee account so that you can get a private RemitBee wallet and a secure account in our system.

  • Give your full name, address, and occupation. Don’t forget to verify your email and contact number.

  • Choose Denmark in the list of countries you will remit money to.

  • Give the details of your beneficiary, such as their full name, phone number, and bank account details.

  • Go over all the information you gave, then select “Confirm.” We will take over from here. Once the fund is deposited into your beneficiary’s bank account, both of you will receive a notification.

What are the benefits of sending directly to Nordea?

You gain a lot when you send money from Canada using RemitBee. Here are just some of the advantages you will enjoy:

  • You will save more. When you remit over $500, we won’t charge you any transfer fee.

  • Your beneficiary will receive the money in an instant. 99% of our online transactions to Danish banks are usually completed on the same day.

  • You can send money using your phone or laptop. Our services are 100% online, so you don’t need to travel to any bank or remittance center.

  • Your beneficiary can access your remittance once it is deposited into their Nordea account.

What information you’ll need to complete the transfer

If you want a fast, convenient, and secure money transfer experience using RemitBee, make sure to provide accurate information about your beneficiary:

  • Legal full name

  • Name of the recipient bank

  • IBAN – International Bank Account Number

  • Bank account number

How Remitbee calculates the CAD to DKK Exchange Rate

Our clients love us because we give them the best exchange rates for a small 0.3% to 0.5% margin to cover our operational costs. When you send over $500, you will enjoy free money transfers! Without a doubt, RemitBee’s services allow you to get the most out of every CAD you send, unlike banks and other remittance centers who put a margin in your exchange rates and charge you expensive fees.

RemitBee is very transparent with all the fees we charge our clients per transaction. Even before you send money to Denmark, you will know how much the transfer fee and the exchange rate will be.

How international money transfers work

International wire transfers take place using the SWIFT network. Transfer instructions are sent from the sender’s bank to the recipient’s bank and any fees are assessed before the transfer is approved. One of the banks will calculate the exchange rate CAD to DKK, and the money is moved between accounts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can.

You can choose to pay using Interac e-Transfer, Interac Online, Bill payment, Electronic Funds Transfer or Visa or Mastercard Debit.

The transfers typically take upto 1 business day

If you verify your identity on our platform, you can send up to 9,000 CAD per day, with a maximum of 50,000 CAD per month.

Any transfer over 500 CAD is free. Transfers below 500 CAD are subject to the following fees:

  • Interac Online - $2.99
  • E-transfer - Free
  • Bill Payment - Free
  • Electronic funds Transfer - Free
  • Visa or Mastercard Debit - $2.99+
  • Nordea NEFT charges

The maximum CAD to DKK remittance transfers will depend on your verification level, so it is important to do the one-time verification process of verifying your account when you sign up.

  • The minimal Verification Level 1 allows you to send only 50 CAD daily, and up to 500 CAD monthly.
  • We recommend Verification of Level 2. It will allow you to send up to 3,000 CAD daily, and up to 25,000 CAD monthly.
  • For users who need to transfer larger amounts of money we also have a good option – Verification Level 3. It allows you to send 9,000 CAD daily, and up to 50,000 CAD monthly.

We are also working on Verification Level 4 to provide our customers with even higher sending limits.

Remember, verification is a one-time process. Once you have been verified, there is no need to provide any other documents.

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