Airpod campaign is now closed

Our AirPods Pro promotion has reached capacity, and we are no longer accepting new customers for this offer.
However, if you have already registered for this promotion you are still eligible for the promotion as long as you meet all other requirements before December 31st 2023.
Airpods will be mailed out 3-5 business days after December 31st to all qualified participants. As of 12/14/23 5:00 PM EST

Sting-free Currency Exchange

Convert your money between CAD and USD online. Fee-free...
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How to Get Free Airpods


Sign up & verify your account

Remitbee is Canada's favourite money transfer and currency exchange platform. Sign up for free in a few easy steps! No subscriptions or outlandish fees required...


Link your CAD and USD bank accounts

Your exchanges will be completed online and directly between your bank accounts, both accounts must be held with a Canadian bank or credit union


Exchange currency and get Airpods!

Exchange at least $10,000 CAD in one or more transactions before 12/31/23 using coupon code:'PODS' and get mailed new Airpods

Online Currency Exchange
RemitBee works together with your bank to ensure you get the best exchange rates without leaving your home! Our easy-to-use app withdraws and deposits funds directly into your accounts using online banking and EFT technology

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    Save 10x more money compared to traditional methods
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    Convert up to 1 million dollars per day
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    All transactions are 100% secure and insured
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Supporting people and businesses
Who Uses Our Online Currency Exchange?

Trading stocks?

Exchange currency to buy CAD or USD stocks beforehand to make the most of your money! Avoid low rates offered by brokerages and banks and maximize your earning potential.

For example: Imagine you had $10,000 in CAD that you wanted to use to buy an American stock, your trade platform offers a rate of 1.2648, giving you $7906.38, and we offer a rate of 1.2355 giving you $8093.88. That’s savings of $200 that could go towards more stock.

Working for US company?

Canadian remote workers getting paid in USD have an advantage. There is one big drawback, however: you get paid less when you convert the payment into Canadian Dollars. Every time this happens you lose money.

Banks can charge up to 4% to convert USD to CAD. If you use our service, you can save $2,000 each year on a salary of $250,000 USD. By using Remitbee you can put the money you’ve saved into your RRSP, take that vacation you’ve been wanting, or cover bills and expenses.

Buying a property?

Whether you’re buying property in the States from Canada or vice versa, exchange rates leveraged by banks can add up. Even a small .007 difference in the exchange rate can mean big savings.

For example, say you have your savings in USD and want to use them to buy a home. On a 20 % downpayment for a place in the Greater Toronto Area, you could save $8,000 CAD.

Studying abroad?

Suppose you’re a Canadian student studying in the US or a foreign student learning in Canada. The right exchange rate can save you significantly, which means more money for meals, better study materials, and more.

You can save around $1235 USD each year with a small .0386 difference in the exchange rate. The average tuition fees for international students in Canada during 2020-2021 were about $32,019 CAD.

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All you need to know
Terms and Conditions
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    The Airpod reward is only applicable to new RemitBee customers. It cannot be combined with other promotions
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    The Airpod reward is only applicable on USD/CAD currency exchange(s) valued cumulatively at $10,000 CAD minimum.
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    The qualifying currency exchange(s) must be made before 12/31/23. Users must apply coupon code 'PODS' to register for this promotion.
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    Airpods will be mailed out within 3-5 business after the promotion end date.
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''I wasn't sure about exchanging currency online but I am glad to have made the switch. The savings on time and money with Remitbee is priceless!''

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Elliot Cho

''I reccommend RemitBee to all my friends and family members. They are the only platform to give out rewards and prizes in addition to amazing service. ''

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Great rates with RemitBee forever, free Airpods for a limited time!
Get the convenience and savings of exchanging currency with RemitBee with an added gift! This promotion ends soon so don't miss out.
Frequently Asked Questions
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With Remitbee, your business can save thousands on money transfers & currency exchange transactions! Compared to the banks that charge you anywhere between 3-5% on converting currency, Remitbee takes 0.3%-0.6% for the same exchange, saving you 5-10x more money.
Remitbee is a FINTRAC-regulated global remittance & currency exchange service provider. All transactions are secure and 100% insured
We will send the Airpods Pro to your house 3-5 business day's after the end of the promotion
Remitbee allows you to send up to $100k globally or exchange up to $1M. In case you are sending more than $100k or exchanging more than $1M just reach out and we will make it happen for you
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