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Our quick CAD to USD calculator will tell you much you’ll get. We’re being totally frank about this and we’re secure in our favorable exchange rates. We would not prohibit you from matching our rates with those of other Windsor currency exchanges in order to ensure that you are having the best exchange rates from us.

We believe it is improper for some financial institutions to charge such high fees for your foreign exchange needs, particularly in such challenging times.

Sending money between Canada and the United States? If any of the following applies to you, Remitbee online money exchange is the best option.

You’re in Canada but get paid in US dollars.

Working with a company based in the United States while residing in Canada has become more popular. Others are hired by a corporation in the United States, and others work as freelancers. Whatever you do, you don’t want your hard-earned income to be devalued as a product of poor exchange rates and taxes.

To give you an example, if you receive $50,000 a year, you might lose $2,000 in currency conversion fees if you continue to use any of the more conventional foreign exchange suppliers, such as your bank.


You buy US stocks from Canada:

Taking advantage of US stocks was most definitely the result of your extensive analysis, and it’s the reason why you’re on this page in the first place.

An incentive to maximize the earnings has now arisen. Questrade costs 1.5-1.99 percent in both directions on the CAD to USD conversion (which is higher than banks, which charge about 2.5 percent). However, a new alternative has emerged: Remitbee Currency Exchange, which charges no fees.

If you just want to swap $100 in your lifetime, change will not be worth it. That only amounts to a $4 savings (about $2 either way). However, if you start spending in the thousands, you might end up wasting a lot of money just on fees.

Consider the following compared to Questrade fees:
- $1000 worth of US stocks: You could be losing out on about 40 CAD profit.
- $50,000 worth of US stocks: That’s about 2,000 CAD you could be losing


You pay for tuition abroad:

If you are a Canadian in the United States or an American in Canada, you must convert USD and CAD to pay tuition. Consider the annual tuition costs for foreign students in Canada from 2020 to 2021, which is 32,019 CAD. You may be wasting about $1200 USD a year for no reason other than preferring a conventional entity such as your bank. (according to March 4, 2021’s exchange rate when you convert USD to CAD)


You purchase property on either side of the border:

If you are acquiring a property over the border as a snowbird looking for a place to stay as winter arrives, if you wish to benefit from investing in assets on the other hand, a major decision must be taken. One of the most important choices you’ll have to make is how to ensure that a third party does not benefit excessively from your purchase.

Don’t let traditional financial institutions take advantage of your hard-earned money by charging exorbitant interest rates. In 2020, the average home price in Canada was about 531,000 CAD. When compared to the bank, using Remitbee Currency Exchange for this transaction could save you over $9,000 USD.


Why is Remitbee the best currency exchange service?

10 times more efficient than the normal bank

Many customers would not challenge the prices charged by banks, because they have gotten away with poor rates. The exchange rate they give you may be somewhat lower than the true exchange rate, but most people don’t know any better.

You can quickly scan Google search for “usd to cad” or “cad to usd” to find the actual exchange rate.

There will be no fees

In addition to extremely favorable rates, there are no fees to pay if you exchange a minimum of $10 between the two currencies.

Based in Canada

There’s no better way to feel relieved than to realize that as a Toronto foreign exchange operation, we are supervised and audited by FINTRAC, a government entity in Canada.

Our friendly customer care team is available to answer your questions

Our favorable customer service ratings on Trustpilot and Google demonstrate that we truly care for our clients. Have you ever been annoyed by a customer service agent who always offers the same repetitive response? That is not the case for us.

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Convert Canadian dollars to US dollars instantly and conveniently with your phone or laptop

Long queues? Not anymore! Simply visit our website or download our Android/iPhone app from the convenience of your own house. Our fully online currency exchange platform with impenetrable data encryption makes it easy and secure.

We work with all major Canadian banks, so sending money is quick and fast!


How to exchange currency in Windsor in 6 easy steps:

Step 1. Create a free account: By clicking here, you can register for an account.

Step 2. Verify your identity: We need to confirm that it is you in order to protect your identity.

Step 3. Start your exchange: Enter the amount and currency pair you want to exchange.

Step 4. Connect your Canadian bank account: Link the bank account into which you wish to deposit or pay CAD.

Step 5. Connect your US bank account: Connect the bank account you want to deposit your USD into or pay USD with.

Step 6. Confirm your exchange: Note that the money will be immediately transferred and deposited.

More about currency exchange in Windsor

Windsor is a mid-sized community on the Detroit River, just across from the US city of Detroit. It’s economy is largely based on tourism, as it is home to a number of fantastic attractions. It also has some gorgeous parks and open fields, as well as a thriving downtown district and some fantastic festivals. Hence, there could be several reasons for currency exchange in this area so here are more options for you:

Windsor Station Currency Exchange
298 Walker Rd Windsor, Ontario N8Y 2M9
CanAm Currency Exchange
SmartCentres Windsor South, 3234 Dougail Ave, Windsor, ON N9E 1S6
Money Mart
4450 Walker Rd Unit 6, Windsor, ON N8W 3T5
1584 Huron Church Rd, Windsor, ON N9C 2L1
6574 Tecumseh Rd E, Windsor, ON N8T 1E6
4680 Wyandotte St E, Windsor, ON N8Y 1H5
605 Ouellete Ave, Windsor, ON N9A 4J4
Continental Currency Exchange
Devonshire Mall, 3100 Howard Avenue, Unit D9H, Windsor, ON N8X 3Y8
Al Rasheed Exchange
515 Wyandotte St E, Windsor, ON N9A 3J1
Altaif Currency Exchange
742 Wyandotte St E, Windsor, ON N9A 3J4
Babylon Monetary Service Inc
793 Wyandotte St E, Windsor ON N9A 3J5
Western Union Agent
3504 Sandwich St, Windsor, ON N9C 1B5

Whatever you choose, Remitbee is just here for you. The best place to exchange currency is right in your own home.

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Send money to Pakistan, India, and Sri Lanka, as well as more than 50 other countries, with no fees if you send more than $500. If you send less than $500, you will also enjoy very low fees of $2.99 using Interac or $2.99-$6.99 using debit. Please feel free to use our fee calculator to compare with your choices.

Remitbee was named one of the best FinTech firms in the region by Toronto Finance International in 2019. Aside from the fact that we have no fees for sending over $500 and low fees for sending less than $500, we offer highly favorable exchange rates. Banks may advertise zero fees, but keep in mind that these fees are sometimes hidden within their marked-up exchange rates.