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Get the most out of your money with consistently better exchange rates than those of top banks.

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If you’ve been searching for the best currency exchange service provider, congratulations, you’ve found it: RemitBee! We provide the best currency exchange rates in St. Jerome in Quebec.

Money does not grow on trees. Your salary is a product of your hard work. So unlike banks who give you unfair rates and charge you high fees, we promise to give you the best foreign conversion services that will allow you to get the most out of your hard-earned money.

Sending money between Canada and the USA? RemitBee online money exchange is the perfect solution if:

You’re a Canadian but get paid in US dollars:

Since freelancing and working remotely are very common worldwide, there are some Canadian residents who US employers and companies employ. If you are one of these employees, we hope that a huge portion of your money does not go to waste when you exchange USD for CAD due to most banks' low rates to their customers.

If your annual income is about $50,000, you may lose up to $2,000 when you trade currencies with traditional financial institutions. You don’t want that to happen, for sure.


You buy US stocks from Canada:

Investing in stocks is one way to earn income and make your money work for you instead of allowing it to be stagnant inside your savings account. Of course, if you want to tap the US stocks market, you should invest in US stocks. If you plan on doing this to diversify your investment portfolio, we suggest you try a new option when it comes to exchanging currencies to avoid losing money.

You may be familiar with Questrade. When you use this platform, you must pay 1.5% to 1.99% when you convert CAD to USD or vice versa. This might entice you, considering that banks usually charge 2.5%. However, if you want to save money, choose RemitBee. We won’t charge you any fees when you trade currencies with us!

When you start investing in dollars, you’ll see the advantage of choosing RemitBee as your go-to currency exchange service provider. Remember, we are not like banks who give you unfair currency rates and charge you expensive fees.

If you exchange currency using Questrade, here’s how much you lose due to paying their fees:

- When you invest in $1,000 worth of US stocks, you may lose around $40 CAD.
- When you invest in $50,000 worth of US stocks, you may end up losing $2,000 CAD!


You’re a Canadian or an American paying tuition abroad:

The USA and Canada house some of the top educational institutions in the world. That is why international students in these countries continuously increase each year. Whether you are a Canadian studying in the USA or an American pursuing education in Canada, you need to exchange currencies for funding your tuition fee. On average, international students in Canada paid 32,019 CAD for the 2020-2021 school year.

When you exchange currencies using the bank, you will lose a lot of money, around $1,200 USD to be exact. To avoid this loss, it is better to exchange money using RemitBee. You won’t regret choosing us because of our fast, safe, convenient, and affordable services.


You purchase property on either side of the border:

If you are a snowbird who frequently goes on the other side of the border, investing in real estate is a smart move because it means you have a home to call your own when you want to escape the cold winter of Canada. Investors also find it ideal to invest in real estate properties on either side of the border because they make a good passive income source. If you plan to buy a house, you have to make sure that a third party is not earning big from your home purchase.

In 2020, the price of homes in Canada cost around 531,000 CAD. If you exchange this amount with traditional financial institutions, you’ll get low currency rates and be charged unreasonably high fees. But when you choose RemitBee’s Currency Exchange services, you can save up to $9,000 USD!


Why choose RemitBee for your currency exchange?

10x better than the average bank

Banks often get away from the unfair currency rates they offer because people don’t question them. To know the latest exchange rates, you may search on Google “USD to CAD” or vice versa.

Absolutely no fees

When you convert at least $10 between two currencies with RemitBee, we will not require you to pay any fees!

Canada-based company

Because we offer St. Jerome foreign exchange service, we are regulated and audited by the Canadian government agency, FINTRAC. So you can be sure that your data and money are safe with us.

Got questions? Our customer support team has answers

RemitBee’s customer service representatives are simply the best. They won’t give you generic and rehearsed answers to your questions and concerns. To see how well we care for our customers, you may check our five-star reviews on Trustpilot and Google.

Convert Canadian dollars to US dollars on any device

You can trade currencies with RemtiBee on your smartphone or personal computer. Just go online, use our app or visit our website to convert money wherever you are, no matter what the time is.

RemitBee also partnered with all the major banks in Canada to ensure that we can serve any customer in the country.


Exchange currency in St. Jerome in just 5 steps:

Step 1. Download the RemitBee app or visit our website to create a free account and verify it. When you verify your account, we can keep your identity and information safe.

Step 2. Start exchanging currencies. You need to type the amount you want to exchange and the currency pair you want to trade it. Once you determine the amount, you will automatically see its converted value.

Step 3. Link your Canadian bank account: Connect the account you’d like the converted money deposited into or pay CAD with.

Step 4. Link your USD account: Connect the bank account you want us to deposit your USD into or pay USD with.

Step 5. Confirm the exchange. After we convert your money, we will promptly deposit the converted fund to your chosen account.

More about the best currency exchanges in St. Jerome, Quebec

There are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to converting foreign currencies in St. Jerome. Here are some of them: Instacoin, BMO Bank of Montreal, CIBC, TD Canada Trust Branch, Universal Currency Exchange, and Banque Laurentienne. Among these options, RemitBee offers you the best exchange rates without imposing high fees!

We also provide the best money transfers in Canada to over 50 destinations

If you are impressed with our currency exchange service, you will also love our send money services. Some countries you can send money to from Canada using RemitBee are Japan, Montenegro, Austria, Uganda, South Africa, Finland, and the United Kingdom. We won’t require you to pay any fees when you send money costing at least $500 using RemitBee! When you send below this amount, we will only require you to pay a minimal amount of $2.99 when you use Interac or $2.99 to $6.99 using debit. You may also use our online fee calculator to compare our services to other remittance centers in St. Jerome near you.

RemitBee is honored to be recognized as one of Canada's best FinTech companies by Toronto Finance International in 2019. So expect that we will do our best to give you the best services continuously!


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