Where can you find the best currency exchange rates in Sherbrooke?

The answer is simple: with Remitbee! Contrary to what banks may advertise or tell you, their rates are often the worst of the worst. We differ because we’ve actually got great exchange rates, the type that have people coming back for more because they save so much each time!
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We’re different from other Sherbrooke exchange services

Remitbee was founded to disrupt the long-enduring financial system that takes advantage of the people’s need to exchange their currencies. That’s why with us it’s always easy to see how much you’ll get with our service when you use our CAD to USD calculator. We go full transparent about all rates and fees because we’re confident in how competitive ours are. Go ahead, compare us with other Sherbrooke money exchanges so you can see that with Remitbee, you can fly past all the unfair fees and get to the best exchange rates for your currency exchange needs.

We’ve got out covered for all your CAD to USD money exchange needs, including if:

You’re in Canada but get a USD salary:

If this is you, you’re actually one of a growing demographic of workers who are living in Canada while being employed by U.S. corporations. With remote work becoming easier to do and technology facilitating so much abroad work, full-timers, contractors, and freelancers can all work across-borders. But it comes at a price. Your salary needs to be converted to be accessible in the country you live in, and if you don’t choose your currency converter wisely, a huge cut of your money could be lost.

Need some context? Let’s say you make a 50k salary per year. That’s $2,000 down in drain from currency exchange fees you didn’t see coming if you choose to continue using some of the more traditional foreign exchange providers like your bank.


You purchase U.S. stocks:

Canadian investors often put good money into companies and industries across the border. How can they not, when the U.S. economy is one of the biggest and most successful in the world, and it’s so close to home? But there’s never a big reward without some risk.

If you couple your investments with services like Questrade, you could be losing 40 CAD for every 1,000 USD worth of stocks, or 2,000 CAD for every 50,000 worth! That’s a lot, and what’s more, it adds up because Questrade charges 1.5% to 1.99% for CAD to USD conversions both ways. And if you’re rationalizing these costs because hey, at least they're better than bank rates of 2.5%, then stop!

Remitbee charges absolutely zero fees for CAD to USD conversions greater than $10. No hidden fees, no cuts taken. You’ve taken your risks already by investing, and have gotten your just rewards. We won’t take any of it away from you.


You’re a Canadian or American paying international tuition:

32,019 CAD. That’s the average price international students in Canada had to pay last year. With tuition costs like that, every dollar saved counts. So why are so many students losing upwards of 1,200 USD every year just from using banks for their currency exchanges?

With us, international currency exchange is a nice breeze, not a gale to knock you over!


You purchase property on the other side of the border:

Many snowbirds in Canada have or want to purchase property in the warmer climates they visit in the winter. After all, long term vacationing often warrants long term investments. Whatever your reason may be for purchasing some real estate in another country like Canada or the United States, you need to be aware that large currency transfers like those needed to buy a house are often taken advantage of.

Your third-party converter will want a cut of the money they are handling. For example, with a Canadian home purchase of 531,000 CAD, you could lose 9,000 dollars of it to a bank or another foreign exchange agency.


Why Choose Remitbee’s Currency Exchange?

10x better than any bank

Banks get away with bad rates all the time because they know most people will not question the exchange rates they’re being offered. By being informed and simply running a Google search to find the actual exchange rate, the Canadian dollar rate today, or CAD/USD rate forecasts, you can prevent them from taking advantage of you. Just typing “usd to cad” or “cad to usd” can even go a long way.

You’ll get no fees

On top of very competitive rates, Remitbee offers absolutely zero fees when you exchange a minimum of $10 between CAD and USD.

Canada-based and proud

As a Sherbrooke foreign exchange service, Remitbee proudly maintains and upholds all guidelines established by FINTRAC, the national financial intelligence agency of Canada. Users can be reassured that their money is protected with us.

Have any questions? We can help!

What’s more frustrating than talking to a customer service representative that gives you generic and rehearsed replies? Long lines? Bad internet? Pickle jars that won’t open?

Okay, so there’s a lot of things more frustrating, but you won’t feel that frustration with us because our customer service team is top-notch. Check out all the positive customer service reviews on Trustpilot and Google and see for yourself!

Currency Exchange Near You

Quickly change Canadian dollars to U.S. dollars or vice versa

Those frustrating long lines are now a thing of the past. Use Remitbee’s online currency exchange service on our mobile app or website to get access from wherever you may be. All without a worry because our service is fast and our platform is entirely encrypted for your security!

All major Canadian banks support Remitbee, so you can sit back, relax, and send your money or use our money converter service reliably and at your own convenience.


How to exchange currency in Sherbrooke in 3 quick steps:

Step 1. Create a Fremitbee account: Join the Remitbee family by making a free account here. You’ll need to verify your identity before you can begin transferring or converting your money, and we have many accessible options you can pick from to do so.

Step 2. Begin your exchange: Enter the amount, the currency pair you want to exchange with, and then add your respective currency bank accounts. For example, if you’re converting CAD and USD, you’ll need to add respective CAD and USD bank accounts.

Step 3. Confirm it: Remitbee Currency Exchange works automatically. The money is then deposited in the bank account you designated for the converted currency!

Other Currency Exchanges in Sherbrooke

Within Sherbrooke there are numerous banks that can help with your currency exchange needs as well as other financial institutions and counters like Western Union, Remitly, and Money Gram.

If you’re looking for the best exchange rates and absolutely no fees, Remitbee is your best currency exchange option!


We’ve Got Money Transfers Too!

Remitbee also offers a fast and affordable online money transfer service that has over 50+ destinations. With us you can enjoy zero fees when you send over $500, and very low fees for transfers under $500. Check out our fee calculator for yourself to compare with other options.

In 2019, Remitbee was recognized by Toronto Finance International as one of the top FinTech companies in the area, and throughout our years of operation we continue to serve users across Canada by making remittances and currency exchanges more affordable.