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Better exchange rates than top banks, no fees, and great service! Remitbee’s got you covered for all your currency exchange needs!
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Us vs. Them

Our interface makes it easy for users to see how much they’ll save with our superior service. Just go to our CAD to USD calculator and see for yourself! We don’t hide anything from customers because we’re confident in our competitive exchange rates and first-rate service. We were founded to disrupt the financial system that takes advantage of ordinary people by charging unfair rates and fees, so we’re bringing back quality currency exchange to the Richmond Hill area!

A Perfect Money Exchange Service for Every Type of User

For Canadians Earning in USD:

With new technological advancements and a shift in workplace culture, it’s becoming increasingly common for Canadians to work for U.S. employers while still living in Canada. The dilemma comes when you get your salary, because you’ll need to convert it to use it. With Remitbee, we can save you thousands of dollars during your currency exchange — money banks and other foreign exchange services would otherwise take from you.


For Canadians Buying U.S. Stocks:

Companies like Zoom are now bigger and more successful than ever. Who knows who will achieve corporate success next? Like many Canadians, you may also have invested in some American companies. For converting your CAD to USD to purchase stocks, or from profits that come from dividends, selling stocks, or other channels, you’ll need a currency exchange you can trust to not take advantage. There’s where we come in. Questrade and banks would love to take $2,000 for every $50,000 profit you make in stocks. Don’t let them! Instead of two way charges and bad rates, let us help you convert your investment money without worrying about a single fee, and with the benefit of amazing rates to go with it!


For Students Paying International Tuition:

Last year, Canada's average tuition for international students was around 32,019 CAD. That’s no small amount, and paying it in addition to losing money from converting it from USD or another currency is even harder. If you’re a student who’s facing this same situation, how about you take a chance on us? With us, international currency exchange is a breeze, and you’ll get your money’s worth without a single fee.


For Travellers Buying Real Estate:

Buying real estate for your vacation home or otherwise, converting hundreds of thousands of dollars like that is no easy task. You’ll need to be careful what service you entrust your money to, because many will greedily take a cut of it through their fees. Don’t let traditional institutions profit off your hard-earned money with their horrible rates. By using Remitbee currency exchange for home purchases, thousands of dollars could stay in your pocket instead of leaking out.


Why Choose Remitbee?

10 times better than your bank

The exchange rate Banks offer you is a lot lower than the real exchange rate because they know most of their users don’t know any better. Despite how easy it is to become informed about current rates by running an Internet search on the real exchange rate, the Canadian dollar rate today, or even CAD/USD rate forecasts, many, many people become blindsided by the word “bank” and trust them without hesitation. We always encourage all users to double check what the exchange rates are, and make sure that when we say we give you the best rate, we do!

Zero fees

On top of very competitive rates, Remitbee offers zero fees so long as you exchange a minimum of $10 between the two currencies. Nice, right?

Canadian security

As a Richmond Hill foreign exchange service, we are regulated and audited by FINTRAC, the national financial intelligence agency of Canada. That means top-notch security, regulations, and servers to make sure your money is always protected and safe with us.

Service you can depend on

There is no question we cannot answer about our service, and with a customer service team that loves to help, we make sure that every caller who asks a question leaves with an answer they can be satisfied with. Don’t believe us? We’ll let the highly-rated customer service reviews on Trustpilot and Google speak for themselves.

Currency Exchange Near You

A New Age of Currency Exchange

Forget commuting and forget long lines! The future is now, and it’s now easier than ever to settle into the comfort of your home or during your commute, connect to the Internet, and use our mobile app or website to get access to currency exchange anywhere, anytime. With fully encrypted services, you can rest assured that your convenience doesn’t come at the cost of your security. Plus, you’ll have no problems connecting your bank account, because we are partnered with every major bank in Canada!


Exchange Currency with Remitbee

Step 1. Create your free account: The first step to using our service is to create an account with us! As an additional security, we ask that all users do a quick test to verify their identity and access our services.

Step 2. Set up your exchange: With our streamlined interface we make it easy to enter the amount and currency pair for your exchange, add your Canadian and United States bank accounts, and begin your exchange!

Step 3. Confirm completion: Your money will be immediately exchanged and then deposited once you say so. Please confirm on your end to make sure everything was successful!

Richmond Hill Currency Converters

Okay, but what else is there in Richmond Hill? In the Golden Plaza you can find The Currency Shoppe, and inside the T&T Supermarket on Yonge there’s Goldium FX. There’s Cash-A-Cheque as another money converter, as well as numerous other options. Richmond hill also has hundreds of banks and ATMs available if you’d like to exchange through a bank.

Remitbee Online Money Transfer

Maybe you’ve noticed that our tagline reads as Online Money Transfer. That’s because Remitbee also offers a five-star, greatly reviewed and recommended money transfer service. With 50+ destinations available to transfer to from Canada, our users can enjoy no fees for transfers greater than $500, and very low fees for transfers that are less! See our fee calculator for payment options if you’re interested!

In 2019, Remitbee was recognized by Toronto Finance International as one of the top FinTech companies in the area. We make it our duty to bring great financial service wherever we go, and Richmond Hill is no exception!