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Our CAD to USD currency converter helps you save 10 times more money when you exchange currency with us than if you used your favorite bank or other foreign currency exchange service.
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What Our Fees and Transparency Mean

It’s no secret that our CAD to USD calculator is better than all the other currency exchange services in Moncton. That’s because Remitbee was founded to disrupt the existing financial industry that takes advantage of the good nature of its users. So our rates are great, and our fees are non-existent, because we’re here for you, not for anything else. Our transparency across our platform is just another way we hold good on that promise.

We Can Help You Handle All Your Currency Exchange Needs:

Need to convert your salary?

If you’re earning a 50k annual salary in USD, $2,000 of it would likely be gone if you process it through a bank or other competing service. That’s because their charges really do add up. With Remitbee, zero fees means zero fees, and that will never change.


Need to buy some foreign stocks?

Investing through banks and services like Questrade may make it easier for you to develop your stock portfolio, but that doesn’t mean you should also use their currency exchange services. Why? Because Questrade charges 1.5-1.99% both ways for CAD-USD currency exchanges, and banks charge about 2.5%. That means that the larger the amount of profit or purchase fee you’re converting, the more money they take. But there’s no need for those worries with Remitbee’s currency exchange!


Need to pay international tuition?

If you’re a citizen from one side of the border but are studying on the other side, like an American studying in Canada, you’ll have to face the large tuition fees that come with being an international student. And when you need to convert your USD to CAD to pay it, it’ll cost you more than one grand in exchange fees (based on the average Canadian international tuition cost last year of $32k). International currency exchange shouldn’t take your hard-earned money, so with us, it doesn’t.


Need to purchase a home abroad?

The average price for a home in Canada last year was 531,000 CAD. As a foreigner wanting to buy a place to stay in this lovely country, or as a snowbird looking to settle somewhere further south, you could be losing thousands of dollars ($9,000 USD specifically, for that home price we just mentioned) if you use a converter through a bank. So let us help you waive those costs and purchase that great home you’re looking for, without the added fees to way you down.


Why Our Currency Exchange is Better

We’re 10x better than your average bank

We say “average”, but the reality is that most banks will more likely than not take advantage of their clients and give them bad rates and worse fees. Not only are our rates better, but our transparency policy and our financial literacy advocacy means we want you to do your research first! Find out the real exchange rates and Canadian dollar rates today, and look at CAD/USD rate forecasts as well! Come to us and see that we don’t lie when we say we’ll give you the best possible rates, ones you can happily use!

We don’t charge

When you use our currency exchange service, you’ll get two guarantees right off the bat. The first, like we mentioned, is great, competitive, and accurate exchange rates. Our second guarantee is so long as you exchange a minimum of $10, our exchange service is absolutely fee-free!

We take security seriously

As a Moncton foreign exchange service, FINTRAC, the national financial intelligence agency of Canada, regulates and audits us. That means that by Canadian professional standards, in addition to the high standards we place on ourselves, we are as secure as Fort Knox. That means your money and information is protected, and you can use our service without a single worry.

We care about our users

Our help lines are always open and filled with customer service representatives that not only know what they’re doing, but also love doing it! Bees, afterall, are loyal to their communities. So when you join our community as a Remitbee user, you become part of the family, and that means we’ll take care of your concerns and issues like they are our own! Check out our Trustpilot and Google reviews to see what we’re talking about!

Currency Exchange Near You

Quick Conversion Wherever You Are

The nature of our fully online currency exchange platform makes it easy to skip long lines — and skip commuting all together, really — and jump into our currency exchange, which uses impenetrable data encryption to make it all fast and secure. And don’t worry about connecting bank accounts, because we’re partnered with all major banks in Canada.


How to Use Our Currency Exchange in Moncton in 5 Simple Steps:

Step 1. Create an account: Remitbee accounts are necessary to use any of our services, so come and join the family! You’ll need to verify yourself and your identity to make sure, well, you’re you, but after that you can get right to exchanging your currency.

Step 2. Start your exchange: Now you can add the amount and currencies you’d like to exchange between!

Step 3. Connect your Canadian bank account: This is the account you’ll be withdrawing or depositing Canadian currency into.

Step 4. Connect your US bank account: And this is the account you’ll withdraw or deposit United States currency into.

Step 5. Confirm exchange success: Remitbee currency exchange converts your money automatically before promptly depositing it into your designated bank account. Please be sure to make sure everything was exchanged successfully.

More on currency exchange in Brampton

There are many local services in Brampton that allow you to exchange currency. there are many Cash Money locations, as well as bank branches from many of the top Canadian banks, which makes it easy to exchange money. Just off of Main Street South and Highway 407, there are three currency exchange locations: Money Transfer to India, TD foreign Exchange, and Cash money.

Off of nearly every major highway, there are currency exchange services, which makes it easy for anyone who is driving in or out of Brampton to exchange. As well, there are currency exchange and ATM services in alsmot every mall or city centre like the Bramlea City Centre, located in the middle of Brampton.

However, although the locations of currency exchange services are very convenient, nothing will beat Remitbee’s 100% online service, which allows you to exchange currency anytime, anywhere. Avoid unfair rates from banks and switch to Remitbee!

Remitbee’s Got a Reputation of Excellence for Money Transfers Too!

We’re confident that we’re the best currency exchange service around, but like we said, we encourage competitive research! So if you’re interested in other currency exchange services in Moncton, here’s a quick rundown.

While the Greater Moncton Roméo LeBlanc International Airport does have ATMs, there is no currency exchange service available through the machines or anywhere else in the airport. In the city, there are numerous bank locations that offer currency exchange, such as the National Bank on Main Street, and other options such Money Mart on St. George Street or Mountain Road, or Cash Money in Codiac Plaza. Other online currency exchanges like XE or Knightsbridge exist as well.