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That’s easy. Just use our CAD to USD calculator and you will know what you’re going to get. We are very simple, as we take pride in our competitive exchange rates. Feel free to match our rates with other Milton cash markets to ensure the best exchange rate is achieved.

It’s wrong to demand large fees for your foreign currency requirements but even in these difficult times certain financial firms do it.

If you have to transfer money between Canada and the United States, the online cash exchange from Remitbee is the perfect option for you especially if you have any of the following concerns:

You get paid in US dollars but are based in Canada:

It is becoming more regular to work in Canada for a U.S. employer. It’s getting progressively regular to work for a U.S. employer while living in Canada. You would not like to waste hard-earned money, whether you are contracted with a US employer or are employed as a freelancer, due to unequal exchange rate and fees. .

Think about it, you could lose about $2,000 in money exchange fees if you make $50,000 salary a year when you use a conventional foreign exchange service provider such as your bank.


You acquire US stocks from Canada:

We assume you have to do plenty of research and perhaps why you’ve entered our page.

Now you have another opportunity to take advantage of the benefits. You can use Questrade in converting your CAD to USD and vice versa but you’ll be charged with 1.5-1.99 % both ways (it’s even a little better than bank because they charge about 2.5%). Or, you can use Remitbee Currency exchange and be charged with zero fees.

It may be easy not to make a difference if you only trade $100 in your lifetime, because you can only save $4 (approximately $2 per way) from this. But, what if you begin to invest in thousands?

Consider the following compared to Questrade fees:
- $1000 worth of US stocks: You could be missing out on around 40 CAD profit.
- $50,000 worth of US stocks: That’s about 2,000 CAD you could be losing


You’re a Canadian or an American paying educational costs abroad:

To pay for your fees you have to convert between USD and CAD, be it a Canadian in the United States or an American in Canada. CAD 32,019 for foreign students is Canada’s 2020-2021 annual tuition fee.

Per year, $1200 might go to a typical entity like your bank, but for no cause whatsoever. (according to March 4, 2021’s exchange rate when you convert USD to CAD)


Acquiring a property on either side of the border:

Are you a snowbird? Then have you purchased an apartment over the border because in the winter you need a place to hide? Or maybe you want to raise money by investing in real estate on the other side? An important decision must be made. Making sure a third party doesn’t benefit that much from your purchase is a major decision.

Do not allow your deserved cash money to conventional institutions at unfair prices. Canada’s average home price was around CAD 531,000 by 2020. You can save more than $9,000 compared to top banks by using Remitbee Currency exchange for this transaction. Do not allow traditional institutions to benefit off your deserved cash money with their unreasonable rates. The average home price in Canada was about 531,000 CAD in 2020. By using Remitbee Currency exchange for this purchase, you could be saving over $9,000 USD compared to top banks.


When it comes to currency trading, you have a lot of options. Why Remitbee?

In comparison to the normal bank, Remitbee is 10x better

Because of its confidential place in the society, most people would not doubt the exchange rate provided by banks. However, the exchange rates they give are far smaller than the actual exchange rate that most people don’t realize.

A fast google search makes the actual exchange rate open to everyone. Just type in “usd to cad” or “cad to usd.”

Fees surely don’t exist!

It is really affordable. You can enjoy zero payments by transferring at least $10 between the two currencies.

Based in Canada

FINTRAC, a government of Canada department, regulates and audits our foreign exchange business. It’s a big promise that your money is secure.

Do you have any questions? Our customer service team is available to assist you.

We know how frustrating it is to communicate with a customer service agent who responds with generic responses. Customer ratings on Trustpilot and Google expose our personalized strategy.

Currency Exchange Near You

Easily convert Canadian dollars to US dollars with your cell phone or laptop

There will be no more long queues. From the safety of your own house, you can use the website of the Android/iPhone app. Our fully online currency trading platform is fast and reliable, with data encryption that is impenetrable.

Our affiliation with all major Canadian banks ensured that our service was dependable and easy, leaving you with no headaches following each transaction.


How to do money exchange in Milton in 6 basic steps:

Step 1. Create a free account: click here and fill out your details.

Step 2. Verify your identity: In order to keep your account secure, we need to know it’s you.

Step 3. Begin your exchange: Enter the amount and currency pair you want to exchange.

Step 4. Connect your Canadian bank account: Choose the bank account where you’d like to deposit or withdraw your CAD.

Step 5. Link your US bank account: Pick the bank account into which you want to deposit or withdraw USD.

Step 6. Confirm the exchange: Keep in mind that the money will be immediately exchanged and then deposited.

More about currency exchange in Milton

A town in Southern Ontario, Canada and part of the Halton Region in the Greater Toronto Area, Milton is one of the fastest growing communities in Ontario with many immigrants calling this area their home. They also have a lot of leisure attractions and historic sites which is a reason why visitors would come to Milton. Hence, there could be several reasons for currency exchange in this area so here are more options for you:

Money Mart
460 Steeles Ave E, Milton, ON L96 3P7

Shoppers Drug Mart, 75 Nipissing Rd, Milton, ON L9T 1R3
Shoppers Drug Mart, 1020 Kennedy Cir, Milton, ON L9T 0J9

RBC Royal Bank
Milton Mall, 55 Ontario St S, Milton, ON L9T 2M3

Cash Express
295 Main St E, Milton, ON L9T 1P1

Western Union Agent Location
Derry Centre, 500 Laurier Ave Food Basics Customer Service Counter, Milton, ON L9T 4R3

Milton Crossroads, 1280 Steeles Ave E Wal Mart Customer Service Desk, Milton, ON L9T 6R1

Whatever you choose, Remitbee is just here for you. The best place to exchange currency is right in your own home.

We also have the fastest money transfers in Canada to over 50 destinations

When you send $500 or more to more than 50 countries, including Pakistan, India, and Sri Lanka, you won’t have to pay any fees. What if you just need to send a few dollars? You only need to pay $2.00 for Interac and $2.99 - $6.99 for debit. Feel free to use our fee calculator to match the choices with others.

Remitbee was named one of the best FinTech firms in the Toronto area by Toronto Finance International in 2019. Imagine seeing very favorable exchange rates, as well as no fees for sending over $500 and minimal fees for sending less than $500. Although certain banks appear to have no fees, they are mostly concealed inside their marked-up exchange rates.